Sunday, August 12, 2012

To Read...or Not To Read

Adventure awaits.{Written By Miss Bethany Ann}
Here I am again. In the same place I was several weeks ago. I am sitting on my bed with the excitement of a new library book in my hands. I have heard about this book from various friends and was thrilled to find the library has it for rent. I eagerly checked it out and bring it home and now open it's pages to begin reading. As excitement rushes over me, I begin to read. But I quickly come to a portion of the book I find questionable. I wonder if I should continue with the story. I hope it doesn't get worse and that I can avoid the obvious. I try to realize were my standards go and if this particular situation goes over that line. I get so into the book I feel like I have to find out what happens in the end, and that if I had to stop just because of one..or honestly speaking, several...{little} issues, that I will be haunted forever with the fact of never finishing the book. I sit there, eyes on the book cover and wonder "To read...or not to read?" A simple question it is really, but the complication overwhelms me and I struggle to make a choice. Will I finish it...or will I put it down and return it to the library unfinished. As my soul fights the spiritual battle, my mind wrestles with the path before me. I must choose which fork to go down. To finish it or not.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

August Book Reviews

In this month's book review post, I've got the rest of the Anne of Green Gables Series reviews for you! To read the previous book reviews on this series click HERE! Also, would you like to receive updates on book's I've read and my reviews sooner then once every month? If so then follow me on were I've just set up an account! By following me you can read my books reviews that I'd normally only post here monthly sooner and you can also see what I've been reading as of that day. You can visit my page by clicking HERE! Enjoy the book reviews! ~Bethany

Anne of Green Gables Novels #5: Anne's House of Dreams
Anne's House of Dreams 
{Book # 5}
By L. M. Montgomery
{Review By Bethany}
To read the previous books in the Anne of Green Gables series reviews click HERE!
Publisher :: Random House, Inc.
Source :: Purchased at a garage sale :)
Publication Date :: 1983
My Rating :: 5 out of 5 stars
Age Recommendation :: For girls 8+

Anne's own true love, Gilbert Blythe, is finally a doctor, and in the sunshine of the old orchard, among their dearest friends, they are about to speak their vows. Soon the happy couple will be bound for a new life together and their own dream house, on the misty purple shores of Four Winds Harbor. A new life means fresh problems to solve, fresh surprises. Anne and Gilbert will make new friends and meet their neighbors: Captain Jim, the lighthouse attendant, with his sad stories of the sea; Miss Cornelia Bryant, the lady who speaks from the heart--and speaks her mind; and the tragically beautiful Leslie Moore, into whose dark life Anne shines a brilliant light. {Description from}

I have really enjoyed this book. I'm debating whether it's my favorite of the series, I can't decided since they are all equally good, but I can say it's one of my favorites! This book is not only the half-way done mark through the series, but it's also the first book were Anne is a married girl so I felt as if I was reading the second part of Anne's complete story. I loved how "homey" this book was. Anne was dearly enjoying married life and loved living in her little "house of dreams" and I just loved all the events that took place. She made new friends, re-connected with old ones, had both joys and sorrows, births and deaths, and more during her stay in the home. There was also a portion of the story that had me guessing what would happen next and it ended up turning different than I'd have ever thought making for a very exciting read! I'd highly recommend this book, as well as the whole series to all young ladies!

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Craft Projects :: This 'N That

For this month's craft projects post, I though I'd share a few this 'n that projects. I had a bunch of cute craft projects I wanted to share, but they weren't in any certain category so I decided to share some various craft projects. ;) I hope that you enjoy looking through them and if you decided to try any of them out for yourself, let us know! Have a lovely weekend!

{Simple Friendship Bracelets}