Monday, February 18, 2013

Purity // Hide Your Love Away

{w r i t t e n   b y   m i s s   b e t h a n y}
I don't know your name yet
I've never even seen your face
I'm looking with my eyes wide open
'Til I find you in the right time and place
Hide your love away and wait for me, wait for me
I will do the same; so wait for me, wait for me
There will come a day when I will finally say
Staring in your eyes, I've waited my whole life
For this night
Every day you're prayed for
And I'm dreaming of you every night
Wherever you are right now
You're already the love of my life
So hide your love away and wait for me, wait for me
I will do the same; so wait for me, wait for me
There will come a day when I will finally say
Staring in your eyes,
 I've waited my whole life
For this night
I'm holding on for you; my heart belongs to you
You're everything that I adore,
whoa oh I'm holding on for you; my heart belongs to you
Darling your love is spoken for
So hide you love away and wait for me, wait for me
I will do the same; wait for me, wait for me
With every breath you take, wait for me, wait for me
I will do the same; so wait for me, oh, wait for me
There will come a day when finally I'll say
Staring in your eyes,
I've waited my whole life
Staring in your eyes,
I've waited my whole life
For this night
~ Hide Your Love Away
2013 Single By Anthem Lights
On February 14th, 2013, also known as Valentine's Day, one of my favorite Christian music bands/artists, Anthem Lights released a single called Hide Your Love Away. This song is so special to me since it speaks (or shall I say, sings? ;) on the topic of purity, which is a very dear topic that is close to my heart. I cannot tell you how much this nearly-four-minute song has blessed me in countless ways, ever  since listening to it over and over and over non-stop on my MP3 player. :) It is so enriching to know that there are young men out there who truly value purity, as so often we don't hear many men speaking out on this subject.
To know that there are men who value a woman who is willing to wait to give her heart away, to wait for her future husband - the person God has pre-ordained for her, is so encouraging to me as I strive to keep myself emotionally and physically pure for my future husband! Take a look at this video where the talented guys of Anthem Lights share there inspiration for the song Hide Your Love Away, and please tell me if you aren't deeply encouraged by the end!

Ever since I was little, I've dreamed of getting married to a guy who loves Christ more than he loves me. I want to be second in his life, not first, for the number one place belongs to the Lord. I am looking for someone who can say that Christ is the first True Love of their life. Someone who isn't afraid to say they have waited. Someone who values purity. Someone who loves little children and wants a house full of these little blessings. Someone who daily falls on his knees and cries out to God, acknowledging that without the Lord he would be nothing. Someone who values home education. Someone who realizes that they are the head of the home and the number one provider for the family under his roof, and will work diligently and do whatever it takes to provide without putting that burden on his wife's shoulders, realizing that her place is in the home caring for his children, and maintaining the home, making it a haven for him. I know this is a tall order, but I truly believe that God can handle big orders. ;)
I once heard that "A man who isn't after God's own heart, shouldn't be after mine." and that "If a man doesn't fall on his knees in prayer, he doesn't deserve to fall on one knee with a ring." and I wholeheartedly agree. My desire is to marry the man that God would have for me, the man who was made for me, the man who I'll complete.

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Sisters, I'd like to encourage you to join me in this quest for daily purposing to save ourselves for our future husband. Not just physically but also, and maybe even more importantly, emotionally. It's so easy to get carried away with our emotions, and while we may be physically pure, emotionally we may not be. Jesus Christ deeply values purity and if we are willing to wait, He has a wonderful future planned for each of us. Even if we have made mistakes in the past, He is ready to help us start fresh.
While purity is about staying pure physically - it goes much farther than this. Purity is about passionately waiting with vigor for the one God has for you, daily spending time on our knees praying for that person, and putting a guard over our eyes, heart and mind to filter any harmful content that may be poured into it. Purity is a result of true love for someone - even if you don't know that person yet. Even if you haven't seen his face yet, God has. Even if you don't yet know his name, God does and he has something amazing in store. While the world tramples on and devalues purity, I am committed to being pure and take joy in the fact that whenever I get married, my marriage will start fresh and not be "just another time" due to previous dating relationships bearing scars that are often left behind from such relationships that aren't meant to last forever like God indented marriage to be.
May I encourage you to start today with a new found desire and passion for purity, and see it through the Lord's eyes? Purity is a daily conviction, one that though rewards may not be evident at first, will be extremely fruitful and profitable in the end. I'm trying to make a daily conscious effort to pray for my future husband each and every day - pray for this struggles, faith, family, relationships, purity, etc. It's neat to think that by praying for our future husbands, we are building a strong foundation on which our marriage will lay once we marry.
In Proverbs 31 when the Proverbs 31 woman is described, in verses 11-12 this is what Solomon has to say about this woman:

"The heart of her husband safely trusts her; so he will have no lack of gain. She does him good and not evil all the days of her life." {Emphasis added}
Notice all the days. "All the days" doesn't start on your wedding day, it starts now. We must honor our future husband starting today even if we don't know his name yet, so that one day we will be able to look him in the eyes and tell him that we waited for him from the very beginning, just like God intended it to be. So may we all be renewed with a burning passion to pursue a life of purity for our future spouse. I would love to hear your thoughts and convictions on purity in a comment below! May the Lord bless each of you as you strive to give your whole heart  to Christ so that He may place it in the proper hands, at the proper time, for His glory.

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Alana said...

Wow... It seems as if this post was written just for me. It reflects my heart so wholly. Every word spoke to me in such a deep way.
I was wondering if you'd be willing to let me share this on my blog (as in put a link to this post)? I really feel as if it reflects what I've tried to get across in the past.

Bethany said...

Hello Alana!
I am so glad that you enjoyed, and were encouraged by my post on purity and Anthem Lights' new song! Feel free to link to the article on your blog! Thanks for asking and for spreading the word about the post! Have a blessed day!

Micaela Wood said...

I enjoyed this post, Bethany! Well said and very true! there are so many girls that don't know the truth of this post. I pray many girls come to understand this through your writings!

God bless!

In Christ,
Micaela :)

Julie Waldvogel said...

Because of this post, I bought this track and it still plays on my iPod every day before I pray for my husband.

Julie Waldvogel said...

Visiting this blog has inspired me so much since I started blogging. I have awarded you with the Brilliant Blog Bouquet Award:

Karen Lange said...

This is wonderful. So glad you shared! :)

Anonymous said...

Are you still going to post on this blog? I really enjoy it and I have not seen any new posts in a while.... Love you guys! Wonderful job!

Emma Joy said...

Thank you so much for this needed post about purity. I certainly agree that purity is not only remaining abstinent also includes monitoring our entertainment choices, what we choose to talk about, read, dwell on, and even the places we go, friends we keep, and how we dress.

How lovely it would be for each girl (and guy) to approach marriage having covered their future spouse in prayer and remained pure with their future husband or wife in mind.

"A Christ-centered relationship is a relationship that lasts."

Do check out my blog which has articles, etc. on a variety of topics including: "Purity", "Marriage", "God's word", "Is Jesus the Only Way?", "About Masturbation", "About Pornography", "Quotes", and "The Importance of Family."

♥ Emma Joy