Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Book Reviews

The Hiding Place
By Corrie ten Boom with John and Elizabeth Sherrill
{Review by Bethany Ann}

     What a wonderful read this was! When starting the book I feared that there would be all lot of  prapgic details at the concentration camp section but to my delight I found that the message was portrayed nicely, without graphic content. It was a blessing to read about the life of Miss Corrie ten Boom who lived with her family in the home above their fathers watch shop that had been passed down many generations. The story starts on the 100th birthday of the watch shops opening. Corrie and her family have a deep love for Jesus and it was evident through their daily Bible reading and holehearted devotion to Him. As the years went by, Corrie and her sister Betsy did not marry. Once Hitler's movement took place among the Jews the ten Boom's secretly hid several Jews in hopes of their safety from Hitler's cruel hand. While doing so, the ten Boom's were putting their life in danger yet the felt as if it was what Jesus would have done and so they continued to hide Jews at their own risk.

     It was fascinating to read of how their life's were forever changed by the living of these fearful Jews inside their home, hidden in a "secret room" inside of Corrie and Betsy's room. They had to re-change the way they did things, one of which was learning to go from having a dinner for all the Jews and in record time changing everything so that if Hitler's men came to investigate, that it would look as if only the ten Booms had been eating.

     One day the word got out that the ten Boom's were hiding Jews. The ten boom's were arrested but the Jews were safe as they stayed hidden in the hiding place. Read about the ten Boom's many trials as they strive to live in the concentration camps and how their faith in God got them through it with a joyful heart. I am sure you will be encouraged by this book, I know I was! It left me thanking God over and over for things I normally overlook like a clean living place, clean water, good food, and the basic necessities of living. If you have not read this true biography then I highly recommend you to do so! Recommend for ages 10 and up.

 Ruth, A Portrait
By Patricia Cornwell
{Review by Bethany Ann}

     This was a wonderful read! Ruth, A Portrait is a biography of the story of Ruth Bell Graham, wife of famous Evangelist Billy Graham, and mother to Franklin Graham. Learn all about Ruth's life and how she lived and grew up with her family as they were missionaries to China in her earlier years. Learn about how Ruth met her husband and what went on behind the scenes as she stayed at home with their children when Billy was away preaching for large amounts of the time. You will learn of Ruth's faith and her passion for the Lord and how she raised her children in His ways.

     I deeply enjoyed reading this biography! Written by one of Ruth's friends, it accurately shared the details of Ruth's life and will leave you in awe at this woman of God! It was a very good book! And I would recommend it to anyone interested in learning about women of the past! It if very interesting and you will learn lots of things you normally wouldn't learn about Ruth from any other source.

Noble Girlhood
By Tiffany M. Schlichter
{Review by Bethany Ann}
Oh, how encouraging this book was to my soul! If you are seeking Godly encouragement as you journey along this path of Godly daughterhood then this is the book for you! It is full of Scripture (lots of it! :D) and includes chapters on subjects including serving, honoring parents, wise friendship, purity, loving siblings, Bible-reading, true beauty, and five more!

     This book not only is full of encouragement but also lovely quotes, poems, recommended resources, beautiful artwork, and an application area at the end of each chapter. It was such an encouragement to me and I'm sure it will be to you as well! You simply must read this book it you haven't already! It is very good! I was encouraged by how honest Tiffany was on certain subjects she is still learning about and how she used a lot of Scripture to go with her encouragement. It was a blessing to read and I was left inspired and in awe of an beautiful example of what God can do with a heart fully devoted to Him, even at an early age!

     It can be purchased at Christian Book Distributors but you can also purchase it directly through Tiffany for $14 plus $3 for shipping. Send a check made to Virtuous Daughters to the address given at the bottom of the book recommendation for her other book All Glorious Within HERE which I reviewed last month. {Also as a side note I thought I would share with you that Miss Tiffany is having a special price for her book All Glorious Within from now until September 1st, 2011. If you purchase the book through her you can get it 40% off for only $9 each with $3 for shipping. Simply send a check made to Virtuous Daughters to the same address given at the bottom of the post given in the above link before September 1st, 2011!}

Lysbeth:A Tale of the Dutch
by H. Rider Haggard
{Review by Johanna Rose}
     This book was a wonderful, wonderful read! Full of suspense, adventure, treachery, secrets, and a wonderful & wholesome romance threaded through it all.

     This wonderful tale begins in Essex, where Rosamund lives along with her two, twin cousins; Godwin and Wulf, the Brethren. Each brother seeks Rosamund’s hand in marriage, but they make a solemn vow never to begrudge the other perchance that he may succeed. So Rusamund makes a promise that in two years, she shall choose the man she loves.

     Meanwhile over in Baalbek, Rosamund’s Uncle, Saladin, the great and powerful Sultan of the East, has a vision concerning Rosamund, his niece. Thus, he sets out, either to have Rosamund come to him of her own free will, or to force her to come, either way "His arm is long" and he shall have her as his Princess of Baalbek, until his vision is fulfilled.

     The tale takes off as Rosamund is captured, while her brave knights are drugged by a servant of the Sultan. Once Godwin and Wulf find out what has happened, they immediately go after her, and travel to Baalbek to seek her, and to rescue her together. While there, they meet the beautiful spy, Mausada, who would risks every thing, even her life to help the Brethren.

     Will Rosamund ever see the Brethren again? Will the Brethren keep there vow, and never turn against each other? Which Brother will win Lady Rosamund’s hand in marriage? Why does Mausada risk her all for these Knights? Will her dream ever come to be?

     I highly encourage you to find out in this amazing novel -- 'The Brethren'!

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Miss Rachel Lauren said...

Thank you for these lovely book reviews. As of late, I have not been able to find good books to read.

Shannon said...

Than kyou for sharing about these lovely books...
I have read Lysbeth and simply could not put it down! It was very encouraging and truly a joy to read. I highly recomend H. Rider Haggard's other book entitled "Pearl Maiden" as that one was just as wonderful!

Godd books are a delight to read and truly are to be treasured...

In Christ,

Seeking to follow said...

I love The Hiding Place. It's challenging and encouraging. :-)

I've not read any of the others, but I thought you might be interested to know that Lysbeth is available online for free from Project Gutenberg. Since his books are out of copyright, I suspect most, if not all, of his others are available there as well.