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Book Reviews

Pearl Maiden
A Tale of the Fall of Jerusalem
by H. Rider Haggard {Review by Johanna Rose}

This book is truly a wonderful treat! It is about Miriam, a young orphan who's parents died as Christian Martyrs, for such was the cruel treatment of Christians in Rome A.D. 70. Miriam grows up with Nou, her late Mothers former servant. Nou is faithful, and loves Miriam more then anything else. But on Rebecka's (Miriam's Mother) death bed, she bids that Nou brings Miriam up in the Christian faith. So Nou takes charge of the Child, and brings her up in the peaceful village of the Essen's. Here Miriam grows up with her constant playmate, Caleb. But when 19, Miriam can no longer stay with the Essen's. So, she must move to Jerusalem and live with her Grandfather, Benoni, who is a stubborn Jew. She soon learns to love him, as he does her. But in a few years of her stay, the destruction of Jerusalem takes place, as it was prophesied in the Bible.

The story takes off, and through many tribulations does Miriam go through, but she is constant on relying on Christ, and is set on not being Unequally Yoked in marriage with a non-believer.

Will Miriam survive this Terrible years in Jerusalem? Will her True love, who has captured her heart Find Christ?

This was SO good!!!! It is another favorite on my shelf!! If you like good historical fiction, as well as adventure, and a bit of clean Romance this would be a great choice! As I love all three, I absolutely LOVED this book!!!

Glaucia, the Greek Slave
A Tale of Athens in the first Century
by Emma Leslie {Review by Johanna Rose}

My Goodness, was this a good read!!! Glaucia, the Greek Slave took off at once, and took you through a wonderful adventure through Athens, Greece. The tail starts off, and Glaucia and her Brother, Laon, are in the slave Market, about to be sold to pay off the late-Father's debts. Just before they part, Laon give Glaucia a scroll from their Mother, who had disappeared a decade ago. But Laon explains that contrary to their past belief, that she was still alive! And that He was going to find her some day. But they don't have much time to talk. Glaucia gets sold, and taken to Valeria, her new Mistress, to be her new waiting-maid. Glaucia departs from the slave market, not knowing if she will ever see her beloved brother, Laon, again. Glaucia soon travels to Athens, which is her actual hometown, and while there is introduced to the Christian faith. Glaucia ponders the 'new' religion, and wonders which god is the True God, and soon seeks Truth.

Meanwhile, Laon escapes after being beaten almost to death. His one and only wish is to free his sister, Glaucia. By asking around, he finds that Glaucia had moved to Athens, and soon travels there in search of her. But while in Rome, Laon meets Paul, and is also introduced the the Christian faith.

The tail takes off, and many trials are ahead of Glaucia and Laon. Will Glaucia be freed? Will Glaucia and her Brother both ask Jesus into their hearts, and become followers of Christ? Will they find their Mother?

Find out in this five-star book :: Glaucia, the Greek Slave.

Joyfully at Home
A Book for Young Ladies on Vision and Hope
by Jasmine Baucham {Review by Bethany Ann}

{Taken from the back cover} In Joyfully at Home, Jasmine writes with verve, passion, and transparency about her own struggles and triumphs as a young woman, even as she encourages other girls on this journey to grasp the bigger picture-to embrace a vision for the home as a hub of ministry and discipleship, as training ground for life ahead, and as a place where they can bless their families. With humor, humility, and heart, Jasmine tackles the tough questions and "what ifs" girls face, offering practical counsel on how to overcome a false view of marriage, husbands, and singleness. Jasmine paints a beautiful picture of how young ladies can become good daughters to their fathers and mothers, good sisters to their siblings, and gain vibrant confidence, godly contentment, and purposeful joy in their ministry in the home.

Dear sisters, this paragraph explains it all! Jasmine Baucham by age 14 had decided that she wanted to "be somebody" by the world's rating. She wanted to not only be someone but to be someone big! She had visions of winning the Pulitzer Prize or an Oscar and appearing on Oprah. Since she had these "big" dreams her desire to be a wife and mother were squashed and she instead dreamt of the "better job". But when her world was radically changed by the Scriptures, and she realized that her calling was to be a godly wife and mother was a "big job" and it did make her someone-just not in the way she had planned. her world was turned and in this book she shares how that happened. In this book she shares why she believes this calling to be the best and why we should eagerly prepare for it.

When I received this wonderful book for Christmas last year I was overjoyed and eagerly started to read it. Joyfully at Home was such a good book! Jasmine took the hard questions that young girls face and she answered them with confidence, passing that confidence down to the readers, encouraging them to not give up and to run this race with vigor and excitement! She shares many of her own stories, which were fun to read and she gave much encouragement which defiantly uplifted me and made me more eager to be the daughter, sister and homemaker-in-training that I should be! I am sure that any stay at home daughter, looking for encouragement will be uplifted and inspired by this wonderfully written book! If you have not already read this wonderful book then you should! It will challenge you, inspire you, give you courage, and spur you on! It is defiantly a much-read!

This book can be purchased at Vision Forum HERE.

All Glorious Within
Journeying as the King's Daughter
by Tiffany M. Schlichter {Review by Bethany Ann}

{Taken from the back cover} Psalm 45:13 reveals that 'the King's daughter is all glorious within.' But even a princess needs guidance on her way to biblical womanhood! Homeschooled author and Virtuous Daughters magazine founder Tiffany Schlichter shares personal stories and practical suggestions about staying 'at' home, modesty, keeping a pure heart, and more. A "daughter discussion" appendix features a Q-and-A session of common questions girls ask such as "what if I never get married?," "How do I rise above a dread of death?," "How do I get along with my brothers and sisters?" and more. Includes FAQs and suggestions for further reading. 257 pages, softcover.
What a encouraging, uplifting, inspiring, book this has been to me! I have just finished reading it for the second time in one year and I can say that it is one of my favorite books! Tiffany, editor of Virtuous Daughters Magazine writes with humor, honesty and love as she encourages girls on subjects including modesty, having good friends, saving our hearts, being a girl, being a daughter at home and more! One thing I really liked about this book is how it has several appendixes including a daughterhood discussion (questions and answers on daughterhood related topics), as well as recommended resources which have been very helpful!
Chapters include:
  1. Living with Myself
  2. Yielding my Rights
  3. Follow my Heart?
  4. What to Wear
  5. Just One Good Friend
  6. A Full Night's Sleep
  7. Saving my Heart
  8. Pressure is On!
  9. Being A Girl
  10. Running this Race
  11. Daughter at Home
  12. Am I Ready?
If you haven't already then I HIGHLY recommend you to read this wonderful book! It will inspire you and uplift you as you journey on this path! It can be purchased on Christian Book Distributors HERE or you can order if through Tiffany personally for $15 each plus $3 shipping and handling. Mail payment to this address:
P.O. Box 98 ~ Willis, TX 77378

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The first book sounds really good!

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"Pearl Maiden" looks great! And "All Glorious Within" is a book I recommend! ;)

Anonymous said...

They all look wonderful! I am anxious to read "All Glourious Within". Thank you girls.

Emily J.

JoyfulJewels4Jesus said...

I love "Joyfully at Home" by Jasmine Baucham!! It is full of encouragement. "All Glorious Within" and "The Pearl Maiden" both look very encouraging, too. Thanks for sharing!!

With Joy in Christ Jesus,

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Ooh, I loved reading Peal Maiden! It was such a wonderful book. :)

Glaucia, the Greek Slave looks like a good one too, as well as the others!

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