Friday, September 16, 2011

Beautiful Inspiration

{Hello Daughters of the King! This will be a post with random things that we hopefully inspire you! Today we have several music videos for you that we hope you will enjoy. May you be blessed by it! (Please excuse the 15 second advertisements at the beginning of the videos, as we were not able to remove them)~Bethany Ann & Johanna Rose}

1 Words of Grace:

Curlytop said...

I think the message in the song "More Beautiful You" was good.
The thing is...the music. I have a strong conviction against listening to or accepting music that is "contemporary Christian", or "Christian rock", or "country" music. It may have the name Christian but it definitely does Not glorify God's name.
You have to be careful what kinds of music enter your soul because the Devil really wants to get a hold of you, and music with the wrong beat calls up demons. You can ask any former (or still) witch doctor, and any former (now Christian) pagan worshiper or person in the occult, they will tell you that to call up the demons they used wrong beats.
It's a powerful thing. Don't take what music you listen to lightly, it's what you will be...almost like the saying "you are what you eat", but waay more important.
I hope I am not offending you, I only wish to help you!
God bless!
-Serving Him