Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Book Reviews

By David & Beverly Lewis
{Review By Bethany Ann}

      Sanctuary was a very good read, much better than I expected! I had tried to read a few of Mrs. Lewis' books before but due to content was unable to finish it. So when I read this book all the way through and enjoyed it then I knew it was good! :D

     Sanctuary is a story about Melissa James and her husband of 3 years, Ryan. Everything is picture perfect for Melissa, she has a great husband, big house, lots of money, and what else could she need?

     But one day Melissa's life is turned upside down when she spots a familiar looking man at the local restaurant.  Melissa fears that he is tracking her down due to her deceased fathers past. When she mysteriously disappears from home  her husband Ryan gets worried.

     When Melissa seeks a refuge and a sanctuary in a Amish community she finds a home owned by a older Mennonite woman who has a room for rent. Melissa jumps at the low price and friendly service. While Melissa is there the home owner shares Christianity to her and her heart slowly softens toward the Lord. But why would He allow this to happen? She didn't want to leave her husband, home and the only life she ever knew. Why would God do this? After a few days of saftey at the sanctuary she gets a call from the FBI, now things get really shaky and she must put her trust in the Lord that He will work it all out. Will Melissa ever return home? Do Melissa and Ryan get saved from their sins? Will everything be normal again? Find out in this mysteriously interesting, suspensful, wholesome read!

Daughters of Destiny
Complied & Edited by Noelle Wheeler
{Review By Bethany Ann}

     In Daughters of Destiny you will read about many of the great women of the past. Divided into categories including Daughters of Virtue, Daughters of Home, Daughters of Strength, Daughters of Service, Daughters of Royalty, Daughters of Stature, Daughters of Liberty, Daughters of Lyrics, Daughters of Purpose and Daughters of Vision. It will be sure to inspire you through the true stories of past women's faith and trust in the Lord as well as their strength, virtue and faith. Some of the women you will learn about include: Mary Slessor, Queen Margaret, Lady Jane Grey, Catherine von Bora, Susanna Wesley, Mary Washington, Dolly Madison, Betsy Ross, Clara Bartan, Sarah F. Adams, Francis Jane Crosby, Mary Jones, and many more!

     This book was very interesting and was not at all boring like most history-filled books! :D The stories of these women that I read, I never knew even happened and was surprised to find that their WERE God-fearing women in the past, even though present day history textbooks refuse to say so. It was encouraging to read such things! It was very interesting and also inspiring. You could even use this as a history book for your homeschool or for unit studies! It is a must read!

6 Words of Grace:

Rachel said...

Thank you for these book review, Miss Bethany! I was wondering, though. Which books by Beverly Lewis were you not able to finish? I am very interested in the Amish lifestyle, and I love reading books about them. I have enjoyed Wanda Brunstetter very much, and I highly suggest her books because they are very appropriate! I hope you get a chance to pick up one of her books sometime! Thanks!

Alison said...

Thanks for the "Sancuary" review! Definitely want to read it!!

Bethany Ann said...

Well it all depends on families perspectives on what is allowed as far as reading materials content and what is allowed. The book I was talking about in the review by Beverly Lewis is called The Covenant, I believe. It was the first book in the Abrahams Daughters series. The reason why I chose not to finish it was because in the first chapter is talked about the young girl sneaking away from the house late at night to go spend time with young men whom were not Amish and ride around in their cars late at night. {Obviously disobeying her parents} I never got past the second chapter so I cannot say from experience that it was not good, for it may have gotten better, but as I said I never finished it so I am not sure.
Another Amish book which I would NOT recommend is Cindy Woodsmalls book When The Heart Cries. I did finish that entire book and due to inappropriate content I would not recommend it.
I have recently purchased Beverly Lewis' book The Preachers Daughter at a garage sale for a quarter. :D So I plan on reading that and if it is good, reviewing it for the next book review post in October. I too am into Amish fiction, but you must be careful as most Amish books are not always the most wholesome. If you have any more questions then please let me know!
Bethany Ann
P.S. Also if any of you young ladies have a book that you would like us to read and review here on RDOTK then please let us know and we will do the best we can to try and review it!

Emily Ruth said...

Thank you for the reviews! Sanctuary looks really good!
I think I have read "The Preacher's Daughter". I have read a Beverly Lewis book and I think it was that one. I really enjoyed it!

Curlytop said...

Wow! I think I should check out Sanctuary.
I have Daughters of Destiny!! It's an awesome book!

Rachel said...

Oh, Miss Bethany! I have read the Preacher's Daughter. I thought it was an OK book. While the storyline was appropriate, the main character purposely disobeys her father. I much prefer Wanda Brunstetter, but Mary Ellis is a good author also. I agree that not all Amish books are not appropriate. I know there is a great "belief" difference in Amish and Christianity, but what I mostly am interested in is the modest way that they dress, and their views on purity and waiting for the one that God has planned for you. Unfortunately, in a lot of Beverly Lewis's romance stories, not a lot of the men and women save their fist kiss for marriage. Thank you again for the review.