Thursday, October 27, 2011

A Call to Radiance :: November Feature {please read}

Today, Bethany and I are so very pleased to give our lovely readers a little glimpse of what is to come during the month of November, here at Royal Daughters of the King. Many changes are to be made, and we would be ever so appreciative if you would indeed take this moment to read our thoughts ::

Firstly, I am in the midst of creating new attire for our site. Bethany and I have both agreed that the current look, although beautiful, detracts from what we are trying to portray here. Thus, over the month of November, we will be working on a completely new design. So please pray that all goes well in this area. We are hoping that not only will our look attract new visitors to our ministry, but that it would also make your visit here even more pleasant. We are seeking for the beauty of simplicity in this area. 

While I have decided to take on re-fashioning our atmosphere here at Royal Daughter of the King, I find that it is necessary to forgo all other posts for a time. It simply cannot be done. A true princess never can spend to much time clicking away on a computer. smile. Especially a princess who has given her life to serving the King of Kings. Thus, as Bethany and I were talking of the November Program just days ago, we found that for the month of November, it was essential to come up with a completely different program for our readers to go by. Today, we are so pleased to give you readers an explanation as to what we have planned ::

Our November program will consist of one post {during December, we shall once again take up busier monthly programs}. While this may seem like a great decline, Bethany and I have agreed that this indeed will be the perfect opportunity to give us a little time to breath, and catch up on other tasks, but more importantly this post will signify the beginning of a month-long challenge for all of our royal readers to participate in! Please read the below details if you are interested in joining.

On November first, Royal Daughter of the King will be hosting their very first Call to Radiance Challenge! After much thought and prayer, we decided that this months challenge would be on Scripture Memorization. While many girls today have a heart for following Jesus, and desire to serve Him, often times memorizing His love letter is not on the priority list. However, we believe that hiding the words of the Lord within our hearts is an extremely important employment, one which is often times undermentioned. 

Why is memorizing the word of God important? When we take the time to memorize Gods word, we receive multiple blessings -- blessings which last a lifetime. Along with memorizing comes studying. Memorizing is just another way to delve deeply within the word of God, and come to know His heart better. Not only this, but once we have his words stored up within our hearts, they will be engraved thereon for our entire lifetime. Never to be erased. What an amazing gift this is.

How will memorizing God's word have an impact on my life? When we memorize the word of God, we will acquire many lovely blessings. Firstly, we will have His word constantly at our fingertips. When talking with friends, or writing posts, letters, etc, we will be able to use the best resource -- God's Word -- as a foundation for what we are illustrating. Another wonderful blessing that comes along with scripture memorization is an enriched relationship with Jesus. I think of His word as a love letter to me. When I have it memorized, I am all the more ready to praise His name at any moment of the day, shouting out the words of truth. Lastly, but perhaps most importantly, when we memorize Gods word, we are putting on armor. And armor that will ward off the fiery darts from the Evil One. 

Our Challenge to You | Today, we welcome you ladies to consider joining our Scripture Memorization Challenge which will begin on November First. Our challenge to you is to memorize a verse {or more} a day during the entire month of November. On November First, a chart will be provided to help keep you on track, and record your verses. As we near the end of the month, all charts must be emailed to us, with the completed info on it. For all those who participate in the challenge, a special prize will be rewarded to them. 

{more details and info on the prize will be shared Nov. 1st} 

Meanwhile, we ask that if you plan to participate, please take a moment to let Bethany and I know, providing us with your email by our contact form HERE. This way, we can contact you throughout the month, with words of encouragement, and recommended verses. What a beautiful way to get to know each other through the love of Christ, no? We pray you will be able to participate as we strive to answer God's calling, 

A Call to Radiance.

Abundant Blessings,
| Bethany Ann & Johanna Rose |

9 Words of Grace:

C.C.Shoshanah said...

What a great idea. My Dad has often said that memorization is an excellent tool.

Alli said...

This is a great challenge! I hope that a lot of girls are going to be participating! I'm sure you wouldn't mind if I were to share about this on my blog and direct my readers here? I would love to give this a bit more views! ;)

Memorizing a verse a day isn't easy, but it isn't hard, either! i would love to join you! Just let me decide what I will be memorizing, and I will email you later today:)
God bless you girls!!

Johanna said...


We would love if you shared this on your own site! We want this challenge to be a blessing to many young woman. Thank you so much...


Julia M. said...

Do you have to have a blog to participate?

Johanna said...

Miss Julia,

No, of course not. All that is required is an email address, so we may contact you when you finish the challenge.

We pray you will consider joining us as we answer the call to radiance!


Dodi said...

I am so excited to participate in this!!! I sent you my contact info and what I will be memorizing!!
God bless you:)
Because of Him~

Martha Joy said...

Hello ladies!

I'm sorry, but I don't think I will be "entering" into your challenge, but I do plan to memorize lots of verses through the month of November. :) I do plan on hosting a pursuit for the months of December and January. It will consist of reading so many minutes in your Bible a day and memorizing atleast one Bible verse a week! :)

I do hope that y'all and everyone who joins this challenge, have a wonderful month, hiding the Lord's Word in your heart! Psalms 42:1,2

Have a blessed day!
Martha Joy

P.S. I look forward to your new "look" and what you have in store. :)

Serenity said...

I hope I can keep up on this! :)

Thanks for doing it.


Serenity said...

Sorry that I'm so late getting my email to you...I didn't read the post until just now.