Monday, October 10, 2011

Spending Time with Jesus | Part One

{Written by Johanna Rose}
There is just SO much to do!!! Throughout these past few months, these words have been a few of my closest companions. Life has been fraught with business, and I feel as if I am constantly being swept up into its currant, constantly being turned and tossed about, until I am utterly exhausted. Free time became a waning portion of my day, until I found myself nearly destitute of it altogether. Constantly encumbered with something or other to accomplish, finish, begin, or start again.

Rising out of bed, one foggy morning, I stumbled down the stairs and made myself a cup of tea. Meanwhile, exerting myself to awaken more fully before beginning my daily devotions. The kettle began to sing, and within moments I was sitting at the end of the kitchen table with my Bible opened, and a hot cup of steaming tea by my side. The clock swiftly struck 6:30 a.m.. I took up my cup of tea, and took a sip as I began my reading. 

However, my focus began to disseminate. Thoughts of how my day would go began to decrease my concentration on the word. Before long, I was looking out the window, trying to figure out how on earth I would get all my tasks done that day. There was so much to do ...

I looked at the clock, which had just struck 6:45. 

Slowly, but surely, temptations swirled within my head. If I got started now, then I could get a head-start on my day, and perhaps be able to have a little free time in the afternoon. I could just forgo my devotions ... just for today. It sounded so attractive. How lovely it would be to get everything done and have time to spare for projects of my own, such as :: the skirt I wanted to finish sewing, and that new recipe I wanted to try out, finish a post I had begun, etc, etc. 

Yet, something deep within my heart spoke. A voice that is only heard in those moments of silence. 
Saying ::
These words truly transfixed my heart. I realized that a battle had been going on within my soul. The worldly army struck with a deadly blow ... yet the army of Salvation let forth a call of truth. Slowly, the calls of worldly tasks began to fade. And I once again found peace in the presence of God.

Ladies, this is a battle that goes on within my heart nearly daily. My life as of late has been full of responsibilities, tasks, duties and chores, all of which tug at my concentration. It is at times likes these when I am tempted severely to give up my time with the Lord on the alter of getting more accomplished. 

Yet, is it truly worth it? 

Moments spent at the throne of grace will be the most valuable moments in your life. They are the moments when you truly find  comfort, peace, joy, and true, unconditional love at the feet of the Savior ... I firmly believe that the answer to the above question is no. Spending time with the Love of my life is the best use of my time. While there may be ten-thousand tasks awaiting me at the end of my hour spent with Him, I shall not give it up. He is more important to me. He is my rock. My strength. He is the Way the Truth and the Life. I shall praise Him always.

My voice You shall hear in the morning, O LORD; 
In the morning I will direct it to You ...

|Psalm 5:3|

The Lord put this on my heart today, because I believe that many of us struggle with the business of life. However, let me encourage you to never give up your time with Jesus. He will be your sustenance in such busy seasons. He is your strength. | Philippians 4:13 | Without Him, you can do nothing. | John 15:5 |

May the Lord Bless you Abundantly,
| Johanna Rose |

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4 Words of Grace:

Emily Ruth said...

Thank you soooo much for this post! I have been really busy lately and I have a tendency to think that I will get to my devotions later, but I usually don't find the time. Thank you so much for this reminder!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing your heart, Johanna. I was deeply blessed, we have also had a busy year, and there are some days I didn't read my bible. Truth be told, I did not have a lovely days those days. Girls remember to spend as much time as you can with Jesus. Those are the most precious moments.
Emily J.

Annie Joy said...

Thank you for sharing this precious piece of encouragement. I can so closely identify with this the pressures pile up, it becomes an hourly battle to choose to focus my heart and mind on Jesus instead of being distracted by the frenzy of the world. This post is truly a blessing. :)

~Annie Joy

Miriam said...

So true, dear friend! What a refreshing piece of encouragement!!!
Thank you for sharing what was on your heart...=)