Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Scripture Memory Challenge | Welcome

Today signifies day one of the challenge I spoke of in this post, and I have to say I am extremely excited to see how the Lord is going to use this month to bring his beloved daughters closer to Him, as they strive to conceal His words within their hearts.

Today Bethany and I are excited to share with you ladies a few more details to this event, the requirements for participants and a bit more information on the giveaway prize. Thus, if your are going to participate, or are thinking of doing so, please read the below details carefully.

While this is a formal challenge, which we pray will be a worthy prompt for young ladies to gain a love for hiding the word of God within their hearts, we have very few rules for participants. The purpose of this challenges is not to confine ladies to a set of rules, but rather to help them brake out of the everyday mold, and go beyond what they have known to be 'good enough'. We want this challenge will plant the seed of deep longing to know Jesus better. Thus, we have very few rules in order not to hinder more ladies from joining. Here are our requirements ::
  • Our aim is to memorize a verse each and every day, during the entire month of November. While this will be an extreme challenge for some, we know that it will be even more of a blessing in the end. However, we understand how some days may slip by, without a verse memorized. Thus, we are allowing five grace days, in which participants are excused if they were unable to memorize that day.
  • Whether you memorize a verse everyday, or prefer to do several verses one or two days a week, that is your choice. We just want to ensure that be November 30th you have twenty-five verses memorized. 
  • For those who are joining :: Please be sure to contact Bethany and I through our contact form and send us your email if you have not done so already. We will need this in order to send you the chart which you will be filling out throughout the month, plus we look forward to sending you small notes of encouragement throughout the month as well. So please do not forget to do this!! :D
  • For those who join late :: We welcome latecomers! As said above, this challenge is meant to inspire young ladies to meditate on the word of God day and night. Thus, we provide no deadline to join, but rather, we pray that no matter how late in the month it may be, you will still attempt in memorizing God's word with us. Please remember to email Bethany and I with your email address. 

As for the prize, Bethany and I are compiling a lovely e-booklet in which we will be compiling articles, recipes, craft tutorials, hair styling ideas, tips-n-tricks, cleaning tips, and many other additions, completing in a resourceful booklet which we pray will ultimately inspire you with the love of God, and encourage you to embrace your femininity! All participants will receive this booklet through email at the end of the challenge. So again, please share with us your email if you plan to participate! Thank you!

In closing, we encourage you to take a peek at our Royal Council of last month, which was based on scripture memorization. Within this post, we share much encouragement, and many wonderful tips on memorizing the word of God.

We also want to say farewell for the month of November, as we will not be back until December First. We pray that during our absence you will grow greatly in your love of the Lord, and continue to fall deeply in love with Him! Also, please feel free to blog about this challenge and help spread the word by email if you feel led to do so!

May He bless you, as we strive to seek Him through memorizing His love letter.

Abundant Blessings,
| Bethany Ann & Johanna Rose |

6 Words of Grace:

~Marcia said...

oh I am so excited... :)

Serenity said...

Great! I'm ready to go..:)

Julia M. said...


C.C.Shoshanah said...

I'm excited! I have my chart! =D

Alli said...

I am excited to have my first verse memorized!! Thanks for the challenge, Bethany and Johanna!

And the grace days were a great idea. I am still going to try and memorize 30 verses, but it's nice that I can skip a day and memorize two the next!!

God bless!!!
P.S. I will miss you girls during November. I've grown to love this blog♥ =)

Rachel S. said...

I just wanted to say "thank you" for how beautiful you've made this blog... it's really lovely. I like how it's feminine yet up to date... great job, girls!