Monday, December 19, 2011

Beside a Crackling Hearth

{Written by Johanna}

As I write, I wish to share with my readers a small glimpse into my home. Just now, I sit beside a crackling hearth, enjoying the pine-wood scent, relishing the sound, and immersing myself in its beautiful warmth. The hearth is a place which I often resort to in writing my posts. A place which holds warmth in more ways then one. 

To my right sits the beauteous Christmas tree, decked in hundreds of twinkle lights and many shimmering ornaments; the story of the candy cane re-visits my mind as my eyes wander from one striped candy to the next.  

Christmas carols ring within my ears, and the harmony of piano, harp, flute, violin and I know not how many more instruments, come together in the lovely tune of Holy Night and Oh Come All Ye Faithful. Each song is as beautiful as the one before, and all sound with a spirit of Christmas joy. 

My eyes meander to each face in the room -- how blessed I am to call these people mine -- my very own -- family. I ponder what makes Christmas time such a special time of year. What is it about this wintry season that brings such joy to the heart, and such peace to the spirit? While there may be more then one answer to these tacit inquires, tonight I feel the answer to be family. What a blessing this time of year brings, in which a family can draw even closer together by the warmth of the hearth, and bask in fellowship and love. What a blessing indeed....

Family is truly a gift from God! This holiday season, amid all of the fun activities and pass-times there can be found so many lovely ways to grow closer to your family members; whether it be Christmas baking, or holiday decoration, or perhaps just chatting over a steaming cup of hot chocolate. 'Tis the season to become closer with your family! Cherish them today; cherish them tomorrow; cherish them everyday.

With the joy of Jesus in my heart,
-- Johanna

2 Words of Grace:

Grace said...

simply lovely. :) family, indeed is perhaps the greatest of earthly relationships. ;)

love you,

Emily Ruth said...

Thank you for this lovely reminder, Miss Johanna!