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Monthly Interview | Miss Grace

Today I am so blessed to be interviewing one of my very dearest and best friends, dear Grace. She has had such a huge impact on my life since I first met her, and the Lord been truly good in making our friendship so very strong and unbreakable. I pray that the joy which radiates within her heart will be reflected and related to our sweet readers today as you encounter the words she has to share. -- Johanna

Miss Grace | 2011

Reflections of Grace | Can you tell us a little bit about yourself? How did you come to know Jesus?

Grace | Hello, dear ladies and sisters in Christ! What a joy and honor it is to be interviewed here on Reflections of Grace. First off, I want to specially thank Miss Bethany and dear Miss Johanna for inviting me to write this {you two are the sweetest friends!} and I pray that what I write here to-day will encourage your walk with Christ.

     Well, I want to start by saying four simply words that describe me :: I am not perfect. Far from it. I struggle with many things on my walk heavenward {and the first thought that entered my mind when Johanna asked me to do this was, “I am so unworthy to do this!”}, but it is through God’s endless love and forgiveness and the overwhelming encouragement from my dear readers and sisters in Christ that I write this for you to-day.
     About me? I’m a small town girl, living in a content and cozy home with my dear parents as well as my black cat Lily and bunny Oakley in the sunny Central California. As a home-educated sophomore student, I have the blessed opportunity to be with my dear mother who is such an amazing homemaker! My dearest Daddy is a wonderful provider for our family, having a commute of 1 ½ hr. {{one way}} to work without breathing a word of complaint. God has blessed me with such a wonderful family! 
     Personally? I am a fifteen years of age young lady {as of October 25th}, adopted from China at six months old, and most importantly, a daughter of the King of kings. Overall, I am…a dreamer of whimsical fancies, a writer, a classical music violinist, an avid reader of historical fiction, a lover of old-fashion things, a letterer, a gardener of herbs and lavender, a drinker of tea, an obsessed blogger, a crafter at heart, and so much more!
Grace and her Daddy
     I came to know the Lord when I was very young, however; it was not until I created my garden walk that I was inspired to renew my personal relationship with our Savior as well as just recently doing devotions with a dear, dear friend. How often I give my thanks to the Lord for connecting me with the most amazing Christian young ladies including Miss Johanna and Miss Bethany, who have most definitely played a huge part in inspiring my walk with Jesus Christ!

Reflections of Grace | How are you able to focus Christmas on Jesus, when there are so many worldly distractions?

Grace | Oh, dear! I struggle with this. I admit, it is extremely difficult to focus completely on Christ during this busy holiday season. I do get very much carried away with decorating and especially making//wrapping gifts, but we always have to remember that past the lights, trees, music, sales, and frantic Christmas shopping, that the heart of Christmas is Jesus’ birth. God gave us a THE most priceless gift, and we celebrate His Son’s birth by giving and sharing in return. 

Reflections of Grace | Is there a favorite Christmas tradition that you and your family look forward to?

Grace | Ah, dear cheery Christmastime! Indeed, there are plenty of traditions that my family and I have to celebrate Christ’s birth, but particularly an evening festival that is named by our community, “Victorian House Showcase,” but we simply call it, “Vine Street.” Each year, our community gathers together evening in the month of December on a particular street called “Vine” lined with old Victorian houses. In front of each house, there is a booth run by different business that occupy the homes and buildings where they give out candy, cookies, hot chocolate, cotton candy, soup, apple cider, etc. Also in front of a lot of the booths are live nativity scenes, Victorian carolers, and people playing instruments. Our church even sometimes participates in front of one of our member’s tiny bungalow.

Grace and her Mom
     I have made so many sweet memories during the event, including performing a Christmas carol duet with my good friend as well as adopting a stray kitten {{Lily}} into our family!

Reflections of Grace | What is your favorite pastime during the Christmas season?

Grace | Well, let me see…my favorite pastime during the Christmas season would have to be either decorating the tree, knitting, wrapping presents in brown paper, sewing a cranberry/popcorn garland, or baking. Sometimes a sweet lady from our church invites me to come to her house and bake a huge batch of traditional Italian cookies called biscotti. She always makes such a special time out of it by making a big cup of hot chocolate and a tasty luncheon {{usually homemade chicken soup}}. Times like these really do make the Christmas season very special. 

Reflections of Grace | Do you have a favorite Christmas story?

Grace | Although I have not read many Christmas-themed books, perhaps, some of my favorite Christmas stories are A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens {which I hope to read a full copy of it this month}, An Old Fashion Iowa Christmas, and of course Jesus’ birth in the Bible! I also love watching Hallmark films during the Christmastime season with my family.

Reflections of Grace | How do you share the joy of Christmas with others?

Grace | We give! The best way to spread Christmas cheer is to give. As it is written in the book of Matthew, “Freely you have received, freely you give.” Mother and I once a year gather a few little “goodies” to be shipped all the way to our sponsor child {well, she is older than me} living in China. Some years we also gather more goodies, place them in shoe-boxes, wrap them up, and send them to a company that distributes them to children all over the world. Along with this, I play Christmas carols on my violin for a local retirement home where my grandfather used to live and this year I shall hopefully be playing for Vine Street again.

Reflections of Grace | How do you fill your home with the Christmas Spirit?

Grace | Some years we set up our Christmas tree; some years we just put up a garland on our fireplace mantel. I always try to persuade my weary father to put up the tree every year as it gives a cheerful, Christmas-like atmosphere. Usually, on a weekend we set aside a day in December to set up all our Christmas decorations, when my Daddy is home. After that, Christmas music fills the house as well as delicious scents from the kitchen and a cheery fireplace in the hearth. 

Grace & Johanna
Reflections of Grace | What is your favorite Christmas Carol and why?

Grace | O Holy Night. Most definitely. Perhaps, ‘tis the way the beautiful voices of the Celtic Women sing it. The lyrics are truly beautiful, as it announces Christ’s birth! I also enjoy “What Child Is This?”, “The First Noel”, and “Do You Hear What I Hear?”

Reflections of Grace | Is there a special message you would like to share in closing?

Grace | In closing, I want to end with a note of encouragement all the lovely young ladies who are reading this. Life gets busy and difficult and believe me, it’s not always perfect, but it is always beautiful because we have a Heavenly Father with us every step of the way. Never fear to be different, because you make a difference by shining His light; it may surprise you, that people will respect you more for boldly taking a stand even if they do not agree. God will give you the right people in your life, and always has the best plan for you in mind. And always keep your eyes heavenward, even if a storm rages around you.

     To Miss Bethany and dear Miss Johanna, thank you so much for inviting me to do this. You two are very special young ladies as well as the dearest of friends, and I always am thankful for the Lord bringing you into my life. Your faith is so inspiring, to me, and I know, to many girls out there. Keep shining your lights for Him.

     I also want to wish everyone a very blessed Christmas as well, and keep your eyes focused on Christ this holiday season!

     For young ladies who would like to learn a little more about me, I am the keeper of the garden at ::, and would LOVE to hear from you through e-mail, comment, or even a letter. Soli Deo Gloria!

4 Words of Grace:

Marcia said...

I enjoyed this so much dear girls! I am a faithful follower of Grace's lovely garden, and loved this so much. Grace, I especially love your necklace in the photos by the ocean!! ;)

Miriam said...

Oh, I really enjoyed this interview! I too, am friends with Grace and loved reading and seeing more pictures of her. ;) Thank you for the encouragement, Grace, in keeping our eyes focused on the Lord! It is so important to keep our eyes on Him, instead of on other things of this world.

Love you girls, Bethany, Johanna, and Grace! May the Lord bless you all abundantly!!

In Christ,


Bekah said...

It's always nice to read an interview by a dear friend! :D

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This is simply lovely! I enjoy reading Grace's blog so much. :) Keep up the wonderful blogging, you two!