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Chivalry Is Not Dead {A Guest Post By Raquel}

{Hello Ladies! Today we have another encouraging guest post for you all! A special thanks to Miss Raquel who allowed us to re-post this article that she has previously written on her blog, here today. This article was originally published on Raquel's blog God's Daughter which you can visit by clicking HERE!}
The other day, a gentleman friend of mine paid me one of the greatest compliments I have ever received.

He said: ‘You deserve recognition [as a lady].  You make me want to be a better gentleman.’
Now right there, were two sides to the story…and both of them were amazing.

To me – I felt like I had accomplished something, in being able to encourage my guy friend to hfeel the need to be a better gentleman.
For him – he felt that his act of chivalry wouldn’t go unnoticed by me because I actually care that men act like gentlemen.
My friend also went on to say how he had read one of my statuses on Facebook, which I had originally gotten from Pinterest:

He said:
‘From that one conversation on your status, I knew that there was some truth to if women act like ladies, men will act like gentlemen.’
And I know exactly what he means.  I have noticed (from my point of view as a girl) that…when I act like a lady (wait for a guy to open a door for me…wait for a guy to notice that I don’t have a seat, etc.) more and more guys are prone to notice and call up their manly, chivalrous skills to assist a damsel in distress. ;)

Sorry, just couldn't resist this ;)
Quoted from a gentleman

Some guys are afraid that when they talk about being gentlemen, people may get mad at them for making women sound useless.

(To quote my friend): ‘Women are NOT useless…but they aren’t men.  Men are built by God as the one to take the lead, and to respect the lady.  Plus it’s just plain Christian to be a gentleman.’

I, personally, have gotten a few negative comments from people (mostly women) who freak out that I make it sound like we’re ‘so helpless’ and ‘unable to do things on our own’.  When that is CLEARLY not true!  Women can handle just as much as men…sometimes even more.  Talk about pain?  We give birth to babies, okay?  Seriously.  But when woman are treated with respect as the ‘weaker’ sex (only because God created the men to be LEADERS and PROTECTORS), it makes BOTH people feel good. 

Men – because they feel like they accomplish something when helping a lady. (It touches that inner chord of ‘Gosh, I’m a pretty swell guy’ ;)

Women – because we love to be cherished…and loved…and respected…and ‘handled with care’.

My friend, Daniel, wrote a post on his blog called ‘Being a Gentle Man.  I would heartily encourage you to read it!  It was so refreshing to know that there are men who actually noticewhat their responsibilities are (at least, sometimes).  When my friend and I were talking about gentlemanly acts of service, he said: ‘Men are required to defend.  Especially the honor of a lady – even if that means just giving her your coat to keep her hair dry from the rain.  It’s our unpaid and required job in life, commanded by God.’
So…in closing, I’d just like to encourage the girls reading this that:

Chivalry is NOT dead. 
It still exists. 

Even in small segments, but yet…it still lives.  Let us try to be good examples to our brothers in Christ (and even to non-believing guys) that we love being ladies…and we love it when THEY are gentlemen. 
I asked my brother (Noah, the man ;) what one of the biggest things women did that encouraged him to be a gentleman. 
He answered simply: ‘Show gratitude.  Show appreciation.  Show that you want us to treat you like ladies.’ 
So there you have it! ;)
And guys…we really, really, really appreciate it when you show us respect and honor.  Even in the smallest acts of service like opening a door for us…or the bigger things, such as helping us make a meal.  Even if you think it goes unnoticed, it really doesn’t.  Please keep chivalry alive.  Because, as everyone knows, this culture is out to tear it down…

It takes a real woman to be a lady.
And a real man to be a gentleman.

Miss Raquel is...a lover of words, beautiful photographs, all things Western, twirly dresses, bowties, Converse, frozen yogurt, Dutch Bros. and romantic sayings. She is very spontaneous and can surprise you with pretend accents, random bursts of laughter, movie quote comebacks, and big hugs. Most importantly, she can sit and talk for hours about her First Love, Jesus Christ. He is her all in all and above all else. She blogs at God's Daughter, where she writes about a variety of different topics.  She'd love it if you stopped by sometime.  Be sure to leave a note and say 'hello'!

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Miriam said...

Amen, and amen! Thank you for sharing that with us, Miss Raquel!!!

Jenny said...

That's a very nice post!
I agree, people think females are weaker than males.


Grace said...

This is wonderful and oh, so true!!!

Miss Valerie said...

I agree!
some times it takes more strength to be weak, than to be strong.