Monday, June 4, 2012

Craft Tutorials // Crocheted Loveliness

Both my sisters and I love to crochet. We always enjoy hovering around the radio and listening the Adventures in Odyssey while we stitch away at our recent project. Though I'm still in the early stages as far as knowledge goes, my sister Ashley dearly loves to crochet and has taught herself all the stitches and have made various wonderful projects. From dolls to bags to pincushions and more, she has made it all! Today we'd like to share some video tutorials that we found online! Enjoy! ~Bethany

As always please use discretion when visiting these links or viewing these videos. Thanks!

1 Words of Grace:

Shannon said...

Crocheting is such a lovely skill that I desire to learn, one that is beautiful and graceful.. and what a joy it is to do it along with cheerful conversation!