Thursday, November 15, 2012


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Isn't it funny how easy it is to compromise, yet how hard it is to  stop once you get started? Often it starts with something small, a commitment or standard that gets neglected. "Oh, but it's just this once" you think, then proceed to do what you know you probably shouldn't, but you think it's so small it won't ever hurt you. But then "Just this once" turns into the norm, and before you realize it, you've compromised bit by bit to where finally it's snowballed into something larger than you first anticipated, and it harder than ever to stop. While it is possible to stop it, when you break that barrier you once had that you now overstepped, it no longer holds as  much of it's value as it once did. I've found that often that thought "Oh, just this once...." it the most deceitful, harmful thing that you could ever let yourself think. No one ever starts stealing, all at once, it's not like you think "Oh, today I'm gonna go rob a bank." No. It starts with the small things that we let go, under the demise of thinking it's "just this once." Don't fall prey to the lies of compromise, for this is what brings people down, and if you don't catch it in time, it will bring you down.
Lately the Lord has been bringing me to the painful realization of some areas in my life that I've compromised, and I'm trying to get myself out of this habit. I look back of past standards I've set for myself, and only then realize how I've slowly drifted away from those standards, whether by what society considers the norm, or just because I let something slip once, which then turns into twice, which then turns into more and more and more. I look back and wonder, how did I get here? and realize it all started with the small stuff which I thought insignificant at the time, but now realize to be huge. Whether it be in the area of books, movies, music-whatever-I have to be careful to stop myself at the "Oh but it's just this once" because if I think on the true motive of that action, I know deep down that it won't be a one time thing. It's all about self-control, having the strength to say "no" to the little things, and keeping your boundaries in check. I've found that I need to set my standards before I have to check a motive and see it it's approved, because if I wait til then, I just go with it. If I keep compromising then eventually my conscience will shut off, I won't heart it anymore, so we have to listen to that voice, and listen to the warning.
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I now realize that one of the biggest factors in this downfall is the con of having let my special time with God each morning slip. I compromised one morning, wanting to sleep in. I think it's just this once, and go back to sleep. But the next morning their is another excuse, and before I know it, my daily habit, which I once thought myself so strong in, has now crumbled and I look back at devotions as, sadly, a thing of the past. I now realize that it I would have stayed strong in this habit, which I should enjoy, then I'd had heard the Lord speaking to me, and it would have saved me from compromising more. So I'd encourage each of you, to establish, or maybe re-establish, this very important time, if you've not already.
I'd also like to encourage each of you to check your motives. Ask the Lord to reveal any compromise in your life-and then act upon it, fixing it immediately. Don't settle for anything less than what will glorify, honor and serve our King. I encourage you to know where your boundary lies, and make a strong commitment to never cross it. Keep in touch with God, commune with Him daily so that you will be open to hear and attend to any area that needs adjustment. And never, never allow yourself to think "Oh, but it's just this once..."
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Rachel said...

Wow, thank you for sharing this Bethany! I feel this is just the challenge I needed to hear this week. I've felt like the Lord's been pressing on my heart that I've become too lax in my attitudes and behaviours in the past few years and this is just what I needed to set me on track again. And in this day and age, I feel we can't afford to be lax in these areas but need to stand strong.

Thank you so much for this encouragement! :)


Lauralea said...

Thank you for sharing your heart today!