Thursday, July 5, 2012

Craft Tutorials | Pinterest Finds

Summer is a wonderful time to replace the textbooks back to the shelf, and once again pull out your beloved crafting supplies. Especially with a cup of icy lemonade and a plate of fresh strawberries. *smile* Recently, I have found many creative ideas on which I would love to try someday. Today, I'll just share a few ...

happy crafting,
>> miss Johanna

Crayon Hearts {for the kids}

Extra Cute Tote

{As always, use discretion when visiting the above links.}

5 Words of Grace:

Marcia said...

woah. I love the last one!

Emily Ruth said...

These are some lovely ideas! Plus they look like things that I could actually make, instead of having to go out and buy special items. Thank you for sharing, Miss Johanna!

Shannon said...

What creative ideas to fill our summer days with... thank you for sharing!


Anonymous said...

Thank you Johanna! We have made the crayons before. I can't wait to try the first one! The hair comb looks neat too!

Emily J.

Sister F said...

We used to make crayons like this as a kid. We would gather up all our old broken crayons and melt them in candy molds. It was so fun to invent our own colors! Thanks for reminding me of these great memories! :)