Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Interview :: Miss Olivia H.

{For this month's interview we have the pleasure of  interviewing Miss Olivia H. of Fresh Modesty and Working With Eager Hands. Both of us girls enjoy reading Olivia's blogs and hope that you will enjoy this interview focusing on modesty. ~Bethany & Johanna}

REFLECTIONS OF GRACE :: Can you introduce yourself to us and tell us a bit about your family and surroundings?

MISS OLIVIA :: Hey! I’m Olivia of Fresh Modesty- the blog and the website. I’m 19 and am the oldest of 6# siblings. My family moved to 62 acres in the country from the suburbs 2.5 years ago and I've enjoyed becoming a whole different person as I've adapted! We have some cows, chickens, and pigs, but I don’t do much with those. In my “spare” time I sew (you can see my projects on my sewing blog), write eBooks, and Google everything. 

REFLECTIONS OF GRACE :: When did you accept Christ as your personal Savior?

MISS OLIVIA :: Well, I've grown up in a Christian home, so that’s kind of hard to say. My faith tends to grow in little mini “episodes” in which my surroundings, circumstances, conversations, sermons, anything really, point me towards Him and show me a little more of His goodness towards me, and my undeservedness of it. The Lord uses ordinary things in drawing me to Himself, and I’m thankful. :)

REFLECTIONS OF GRACE :: Why is modesty important to you? At what point in your life did it become important?

MISS OLIVIA :: Modesty is important to me because our God is a God of beauty, goodness, and truth. I believe He desires us to honor Him and show respect in every area of our lives, including clothing. By adorning ourselves in a way that is beautiful and doesn't cause others to stumble, it helps us to worship our God in dignity every day of our lives. 

Modesty didn't really become important to me until I was about 13 or so when I read some articles on the topic and realized how valuable it is.

REFLECTIONS OF GRACE :: What are some of your modesty guidelines, things you do to make sure you are dressing in a modest way that is pleasing to the Lord?

MISS OLIVIA :: I make sure my shirts aren't too tight or too low (I personally allow a palm’s length between top of shirt and collar bone, but many people’s standard is three fingers), and my skirts or shorts reach my knee. Other than that, I just try to dress in a way that is not attention-drawing or trashy. 

REFLECTIONS OF GRACE :: How long have you been sewing your own clothes?

MISS OLIVIA :: I've been sewing for 6 years, but it’s only been the last 3 or so that I've really been able to supplement my wardrobe with custom pieces.

REFLECTIONS OF GRACE :: What would you say to someone that would suggest that it’s nearly impossible to be both stylish and modest at the same time?

MISS OLIVIA :: Not true! ;) I believe that authentic beauty is God-honoring right alongside modesty. There are ways of flattering your figure without showing it off, and ways of covering up that don’t involve potato sacks. Something I say on my website is that my goal is to encourage others in the quest to be "Cute, but covered. Stylish, but sensible! Contemporary, but classic! Feminine, but fresh!" :D

REFLECTIONS OF GRACE :: Aside from sewing your clothes, are there any stores where you occasionally purchase clothing from? 

MISS OLIVIA :: Thrift stores! I love those, and actually, most of my clothes are thrift store alterations. Take in the sides here, chop off the bottom there, replace the elastic over there—I love the ability to buy more for less. :)

I also love the regular department stores like Sears, Macy’s, JCPenny’s, Kohl’s… ya know. :)

 REFLECTIONS OF GRACE :: Do you prefer skirts or pants? Necklaces or bracelets?

MISS OLIVIA :: Definitely prefer skirts, although some days are just “pants days”, if you know what I mean. I wear skirts probably 80% of the time. 

I prefer necklaces over bracelets because the latter always seems to be getting in the way as I wear them. :P I love the look of bracelets though and wish I wore more of them. :)

REFLECTIONS OF GRACE :: What are some of your favorite clothing/accessory pieces you either own or like in general?

MISS OLIVIA :: I love my floor-length denim skirt. It’s effortless to wear and style. Huge gold hoop earrings are also a favorite. They can give sophisticated whimsy to any outfit. It’s hard to decide my favorites- I have too many! ;) 

REFLECTIONS OF GRACE :: Has the Lord been teaching you anything concerning sewing/modesty lately that you’d like to share in closing?

MISS OLIVIA :: Modesty is a heart issue, not a hemline issue. Doing it for the wrong reasons, judging less-clothed people, complaining—such things will come across like a great big grease stain on the front of your favorite shirt. Do everything as unto the Lord! :) 

Thanks so much for interviewing me, Bethany & Johanna! May the Lord bless your ministry!

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Emily Ruth said...

Thanks so much for interviewing Olivia! I enjoy reading both of her blogs. I especially like her answer to the last question.