Monday, July 11, 2011

As Constant as the Stars

{Written by Johanna Rose}

When I was a little girl, I remember the sense of delight I would feel as I watched fireworks light up the sky. Unlike a lot of children, I was never afraid of them, but rather, always looked forward to the time when I would be able to experience them again….

Daddy would be holding me in his strong arms, while we both stared up at the sky and watched it light up with millions of sparks! All different colors, shapes, and sizes -- and while each one was unique, and different from one another, they all had something in common – they were so very sparkly! *smile* I believe that my very favorite part was the finale, when dozens of fireworks would go off at once, and it seemed as if the entire sky was taken over with their beautiful glitter and glow!!

But, I was always sad when the ending ended. I always was sad when all of those beautiful colors fade away -- when all of those sparkles go out. When the glamour is completely gone – and is replaced with a dark, smoggy smoke. And that is when every one starts to pack up, and start heading back to their cars, ready to go home. I often times would fall asleep in the car, on the drive back home. I would pull out a little blanket, and cuddle up in my car seat. And while looking up at the shining stars, I would fall off to sleep....

The stars – They never disappear. They never grow dim. They are not temporary like the fireworks, but permanent. They will always be there, and will never fail to shine forth their pure light. They will never be replaced with a filthy smoke – no – the sky will always be filled with their sparkle, till the end of the world.

As I look back upon those childhood memories, I ponder the lessons to be learned here. So many times, the things of this world seem so sparkly, and glorious. But time after time, we find that they really are so very temporary, and will disappear so fast....


All of this will disappear
We are strangers here
We are strangers here
We will see {Jesus} face to face
And all will fade away
Yes, all will fade away

Our moments are fleeting
Every breath could be our last
These things that we're holding
Will only wither like the grass

There's no end of time with You
No treasure here compares to You

All of this will disappear
We are strangers here
We are strangers here
We will see You face to face
And all will fade away
Yes, all will fade away

Caught up, caught up with You my Jesus
Caught up caught up with You forever
In love in love with You my Jesus
In love in love with You forever


The above lyrics come from one of my favorite songs, 'All Will Fade Away' by Meredith Andrews. The reason why this song is one of my favorites is because, the lyrics speak so strongly to my heart. This song beautifully portrays how this world, and all that is within it, will someday disappear. It speaks of how, when we stand before Jesus, and see Him face-to-face, everything else will fade away, and only He will remain. And most importantly, Meredith ends the song with the beauty of being 'caught up' in Jesus -- 'in love with  Jesus -- forever.'

Ladies, so many times we forget just how temporary the things of this world are. So many times we put them above the things that are truly important. Just as the fireworks fill us with joy and delight, so will the things of this world. They will glitter, and sparkle, and try to draw us away from the things that are truly important. But, if we look closer, we will be able to see that these worldly fancies are temporary -- false.

We must look up -- we must look beyond what the world offers, and look at what the Lord has to offer. I promise you, ladies, it is so much better! Just as the stars will never go out, never grown dim, never cease to twinkle, so are the promises and blessings of God! They will never disappear. They will stand forever. They are permanent -- everlasting! We must focus on them, we must never take our eyes away from them.


In 1 John 2:17 it says that this earth, and its desires shall pass -- but the one who does the will of God shall live forever! Ladies, let us make it our desire to do the will of God during our stay here. Let us resist the temporary temptations of this world, and be faithful maidservants for Jesus Christ. Let us not store up our treasures on this earth, but rather store up our treasure in heaven.

Because, someday, when the Lord calls us to His side -- none of this will matter. It will all fade away, and only Jesus will remain.

~Johanna Rose~

3 Words of Grace:

Miriam said...

So true, Miss Johanna!!
All of the things on earth will only last for a time, but then fade away. That is why we should be more concerned and busy with doing things for the Lord that will last!!! =)

Lindsey Marie said...

I too always love the fireworks. They are so beautiful! I loved your post, too.I'm also a Meredith Andrews fan. :) I am trying to work diligently on saying no to the things of this world and putting my priorities in order. Thank you for this bit of inspiration!

Carissa said...

Hi Johanna Rose,

Great article. Thanks for sharing. It was very encouraging to read it.

BTW - My middle name is Rose too.