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Monthly Interview :: Miss Rebekah Wall

Rebekah Wall is the editor of the magazine For Such A Time As This and the author of her fiction book A Nation Apart. We am very excited that she was able to answer some of our questions and we pray that you would be encouraged by her interview! 
Bethany Ann & Johanna Rose 

{The Wall Family at Prince Edward Island on Vacation}

{Miss Rebekah Wall}
 ROYAL DAUGHTERS OF THE KING: Can you tell us a little bit about yourself?

REBEKAH: Hello sisters in Christ! My name is Rebekah Wall, but I go by Bekah most of the time. I am 18, a home-schooled graduate, Assistant Librarian, and hopefully college student a year from now. I am also the founder of For Such A Time As This Press and editor of For Such A Time As This Magazine, so probably many of you know about me through that. :) I live on the prairies in Southern Saskatchewan and my country is Canada, both of which I am loyal to. :)
I still live at home, with my parents, Peter & Gloria. Dad is in the cement pouring business and Mom is a keeper at home, although she is getting a few gardening/yard work jobs now. Sadly, I have no siblings... and no pets either. :(
Some things I love... writing (well I a passionate about this one).... reading (obsessed with this one).... photography (mostly scenery and such)... music... Anne of Green Gables... pansies.... Prince Edward Island... Christian historical romance novels... family-centered movies... teacups and pots... the color purple... journaling... libraries... dogs... Amy Carmichael... card making... magazines... letters... friends... Janette Oke... accessories... and many other things!!!

ROYAL DAUGHTERS OF THE KING: How did your ministry, "For Such A Time As This Press", begin?

REBEKAH: Well it first began in the fall of 2008 with a small magazine. My Mom actually came up with the name and it is based on Esther 4:14c. Esther is my Biblical role model and heroine, I guess you could say, and I greatly admire and wish to be like her. So it just seemed perfect to name my magazine after a verse found in that book of the Bible!! The magazine grew quickly, and then in August of 2010, God lead me to expand the ministry to the online world, and include other things. That was a big step for me, since I knew virtually nothing about computer things, aside from basic typing, but with the help of some good friends and just doing things by "trial and error", For Such A Time As This Press was born! It never ceases to amaze and awe me how God uses my ministry and is allowing it to grow! Never in my life would I have imagined it would get this big, include so many things, and reach so many people around the world. Just hearing how many lives it touches is a blessing to me, albeit a bit overwhelming at times too. :) I would love for you to stop by and check it out at The site is already large, and, Lord willing, in the next year will be growing a lot more.

ROYAL DAUGHTERSOF THE KING: We understand that you just finished publising your book, "A Nation Apart". Could you tell us a bit about it and what was your inspiration for writing it?

REBEKAH: Yes, in December of 2010, my first novel was published. That was a big step for me, as I self-published, and it was a huge learning curve! Here is what it says on the back cover:

One was white... One was black... They were like a nation apart...
Rebekah Stevens was your average, 16 yr. old white girl, growing up in the mid-1800s. The Civil War was just about to begin. Slavery had always been a part of her life. To Rebekah, it was just the way things were. But in the back of her mind, there was a question...
Nathaniel was your average, 16 yr. old black boy, growing up on a plantation in Southern USA. Slavery had always been a part of his life, because he was a slave. To Nathaniel, it was just the way things were. But in the back of his mind, there was a question...
Together, they would discover the answer to that question. A question that turned into a dream, and a dream that turned into an adventure of a lifetime. An adventure that taught them that what was really important in life wasn't "things".

Join them on their journey of faith, to a place where no one was...  A Nation Apart

The message I was trying to get across was that we are all equal ~ that the color of people's skin isn't the color of their heart. That in God's eyes, we are all the same. Another strong message in my novel is doing what's right, regardless of what it may cost you! The last strong message is being a true friend. All three of these messages are very important to me, not to mention close to my heart, so it just seemed natural that I write about them

There is an old saying that goes, "A good writer writes about what they know!" So as far as why I chose that time era, it's because I know a lot about it, due to having studied it a lot. :)

ROYAL DAUGHTERS OF THE KING: When did you accept Jesus as your personal Savior?

REBEKAH: When I was 12 years old... but it's the day to day life that is drawing me closer to Him! My salvation wasn't radical and there isn't much to tell about it, but I could share story after story of what He has taught me since!

ROYAL DAUGHTERS OF THE KING: Do you have a life verse?

REBEKAH: No, actually I don't have a life verse. Every week new verses are special to me. Whatever God shows me that day is my life verse, because each day, life brings new things at you, and I am learning to live life one day at a time. Favorite books of the Bible are Esther, Psalms, and Paul's letters.

ROYAL DAUGHTERS OF THE KING: What are some guidelines for selecting literature?

REBEKAH: A lot of what I read, my friends would probably never read. But there still is a basic rule I try to follow when choosing books to read ~ "Is it lovely?" In Philippians 4:8 we are given a list of what to think about, and what we read affects what we think about. If the book is going to cause you to be discontent or be sad, perhaps you shouldn't be reading it. Reading things that lift you up, teach you valuable skills, or challenge you to a higher spiritual level are good things to read, but I am not at all against reading fiction books. Oh and just so you know, I do not read trashy books ~ I'm sure some of you read that I love "romance novels" and thought "dirty covers and words" type... no way!!! :)

ROYAL DAUGHTERS OF THE KING: Why do you find it important to always "delight yourself in the Lord" according to Psalm 37:4?

REBEKAH: This has been a real struggle for me, to read the Word each day. But as I am going through trials, I realize how important it is to hear from my Savior. It's those verses that keep me going. Also, God always shows you exactly what you need to hear, precisely at the moment you need to hear it! :)

ROYAL DAUGHTERS OF THE KING: What is one of your favorite ways to study God's Word?

REBEKAH: I find that doing a lot of meditating while reading is a good way to remember what you've read. Instead of trying to read through a certain amount each day, just to read it, I read until God speaks to me personally. So sometimes I read a few verses and sometimes I read a few chapters.

ROYAL DAUGHTERS OF THE KING: Is there a special message you would like to share in closing?

REBEKAH: I would like to challenge all of you young ladies to not be afraid to be different! Don't pay any mind to what others think of you ~ just be concerned with what the Lord thinks about you!! So often we get distracted by trying to please others, or make others think well of us, or gain acceptance from whoever it is we want acceptance from...we should be living solely to please the Lord!! I'd love to hear from you at !!!

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Carissa said...

Hi Bethany and Johanna,

Thanks for all the encouraging posts you have put on here. It is so encouraging to come and read all the posts.

Thanks also for doing the interveiw with Bekah. It was very encouraging to read it.

I just have to say to you both thanks so much for your shining testimony in your walk with God.

Hope you have a great day.

Miriam said...

Thanks for sharing the interview with us! I really enjoyed getting to know Miss Rebekah better! ;)

Bekah said...

You did a good job with the design, girls! :)

Thanks for allowing me to do this!

I am delighted to be able to share with other girls... and happy to see they are enjoying it! :D

SarahLee said...


May God be glorified through your life! Thank you for sharing about what He is doing in you and through your ministry. I enjoyed reading your interview.

2 Cor 3:18

Bekah said...

Thanks, Sarie! :D *hugs*

Laura Frantz said...

Bekah, This is wonderful learning more about you! Your testimony and writing journey are very moving and inspiring! Love to hear about your background and how you wrote this story of the heart. God bless you in all you do. Your heart for Him sure shows:)