Friday, January 13, 2012

Grace At Home

{Note: These pictures and post were drafted a few months ago, but I thought I'd still share them with you all! }
Today for our Grace At Home I'd like to share with you one of my life-savers {Besides Jesus-Christ, of course! :D}! This is my secret to keeping everything in order! I am personally the kind of person who has a hard time remembering anything unless I write it down, so I've always found that if I want to remember something I MUST write it down! :D A while back my mother shared with me her secret to remembering everything and I have always used the "Home Binder" as my secret weapon! It's so great because everything I need is in one place! Here are some pictures of my binder!

My front cover, it's a bit used {huge understatement, I fear I'll have to get another one soon! :)}but I wouldn't trade it for anything! :D

Inside my binder, in the front pocket I place things like letters to respond to, magazines to read {In Virtuous Daughters case, I used their read your Bible in a year plan last year, so I used that every day} and such things.

I have several labels, {also very used! :)} one for my daily things and calendar, one for my address book, one for lists and notes and now one for my Etsy shop, this tap hold things like a list of all my sales, etc. Keeping things in their right tab helps for easy finding.

In my first tab I have a year view calendar for long term planning. I found this print out sheet HERE!

Then a monthly calendar for more up-to-date planning. I found this print out sheet HERE! By the way, this site Donna has so many print out sheets from home school lesson planners, to lists for book you have read and much more! It's a wonderful homeschooling resource!

And then a 3 day view! This is were I write notes for things I need to do for my computer time such as working on certain posts, uploading pictures, emailing so and so and such things. I also write down little things I need to remember to do. It's sort of like a mini to-do list! :D

Now in my second tab I have my own address book! I found these print out address sheets HERE!

This is a chart I made myself using our computers Microsoft. I use it to record when I memorize Scripture, and I keep it under my "lists and notes" tab. If you don't know how to made one yourself then you could easily make one with some paper and a pen.

This  a list of recommended books from Raising Maidens of Virtue. I keep it in my extra tab so that I always have it!

This is a list of books that I've read. I've always thought it was neat to record the books I've read so I can go back and look at all the titles later on! I printed this chart off at our good friends from church the Flanders site found HERE! Again they have a lot of neat charts available so check it out! {Thanks Flanders!}

At the time I took these pictures, I was doing the Autumn Quest with my sweet friends Johanna and Haley. This is the chart we use to record the time we spent in devotions and how many verses we memorize a week. I had to keep it in my binder to be able to find it once I needed it.

This was a neat tutorial I found HERE and copied it to a document and printed it off for a reference when I've got some time to mess with my sisters hair. I've not mastered this particular hair do yet, but hope to! :D yet again, this is a great hair tutorial resource for those with longer hair!

This  a neat bible study that I found at Daugterhood by Design and printed off and put in my extra folder.
So basically the binder can be used to fit your personal needs. Its a great place to keep EVERYTHING in ONE place to stay organized and its lots of fun to start a home binder up! So now you all know my secret to not losing everything! :) So be creative and enjoy your now easily organized life! ~ Blessings, Bethany Ann

6 Words of Grace:

Marcia said...

oh my! I think I shall make one myself!

Bekah said...

This is a neat idea! And I see my magazine in there! :D :D

Anonymous said...

That is a very neat idea, Bethany!
It would also be nice to have a section with notebook paper to write down (favorite or that stood out to you) bible verses you read that day!
Thanks for sharing!
Emily J.

hannah said...

What a great idea! I am always having papers lying around everywhere and they get lost! I think that I will try this -- thanks for sharing; it's a lovely idea. And I think I see a familiar envelope.... =)

haley said...

I need to make one of these! Thanks for sharing, Bethany Ann! :D


Hannah said...

This is an awesome idea! Mom and I use to buy ready made ones but then stopped and never replaced them....