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Monthly Interview | Miss Miriam

Miss Miriam | 2012

Reflections of Grace | Can you tell us a little bit about yourself? How did you come to know Jesus?

Miriam | I am a young lady of fourteen years, and live in Tennessee with my four siblings (three girls, and one boy) and wonderful parents. I love in a fairly small neighborhood, and have lived here all my life. I am training {under my dear mother} to be a godly woman and homemaker. I enjoy sewing, playing violin, spending time with my family and friends, cooking, penning long letters, playing with children, reading and writing stories, spending time with my Savior {reading the Bible, and talking to Him}, and telling others about what Jesus had done for them. I also enjoy the simple pleasures of life, like watching the sun set, gazing out a window, watching snow flakes fall from the sky, and running through a field. I love the Lord with all my heart, and I was very blessed to be able to grow up in a Christian home. I received Christ into my heart when I was about seven, and realized that I was a sinner in need of forgiveness. Ever since that day, the Lord has changed me and I have never been the same since! Although I received Christ at an early age, I did not begin to grow closer to the Lord until a few years ago, and surrender my life to Him. The Lord has been doing a work in my heart, as He breaks away the pieces of "me", and helps me to honor Him with my whole life. I am not perfect {far from it!}, but I serve a Savior who is!

Reflections of Grace | We understand you went on a Missions trip last summer, could you tell us a little bit about that experience?

Miriam | Well, the mission trip I went on last year was definitely an amazing experience. I had never been on a mission trip before, so everything was very new to me. At first, I was a bit intimidated, because I would have to talk to people that I had never met. Now, I am so glad that I received the opportunity to go to New York. It was a wonderful experience, during which I learned that it it not about me, but HIM.

Reflections of Grace | How were you able to overcome your self, and face people you have never even met before in order to share the Gospel?

Miriam I have to be honest, it was very hard at first to share the Gospel with others that I did not know. The first day or two were probably the hardest, because I felt so uncomfortable and a bit intimidated too. After realizing that I had to just forget how I felt and what others thought, and just obey the Lord, everything began to get a little bit easier. A young man in our group pointed something out to me. In the book of Jeremiah, the Lord commanded him to judge the people. Jeremiah knew ahead of time that the people would not listen, yet he still told them to truth. Even more so should we tell people about Christ's love for them, because many will listen and believe! We just have to give them the truth. What they do with what we give them is between them and the Lord. I knew that if I did not tell them, that there was not a guarantee that someone else would.

Reflections of Grace | What was one of the most eye-opening experience you had when presenting the gospel to strangers?

Miriam | One of the most eye-opening experiences that I had when sharing the Gospel with people was seeing that a lot of these people had not ever heard of Jesus before. Before I went on this trip, I had thought that everyone in the United States knew about Jesus. How wrong I was! While some on New York had heard about Jesus and what He did for them, many had not.

Reflections of Grace | Did your life change at all after you came home or even during the mission trip?

Miriam | Yes, it most certainly did change during the time I was there. I was convicted that I was using my time for my own pleasures and gain, instead of Christ's. I was being selfish and only thinking of myself, and what I wanted to do. Time is short, girls! Very short. We need to be using all the time that we have for the glory of Christ! When we get to heaven, it will not matter if you have 300 followers, or a whole wardrobe of beautiful clothes. It will only matter what we did for Christ! All around the world, people are dying and will be forever without Jesus if they do not repent of their sin and accept Jesus into their hearts. This is why one of my New Year's resolutions is: do more for Christ. For me, this means telling more people about Jesus, encouraging and challenging my brother's and sister's in Christ, and giving unselfishly of myself for others.

Miriam's family | Caleb, Rebekah, Sarah Grace, Anna, Miriam. 
Reflections of Grace | Do you have a message you can share with those of us who are timid, and almost afraid of stepping out to share the Good News?

Miriam | Ask Jesus for boldness. He will help you overcome your fear. It is hard, and it will take some time. But, Christ says: "For with God nothing shall be impossible." {Luke 1:37} We could not do it on our own, but with Christ, we can do anything.
Dear sister, do not listen to the devil. He will tell you to leave the witnessing to others, and to just have a good time. He does not want others to hear the Gospel. Do not listen to him, or give in to him. He will only lead you astray. "Submit yourselves therefore to God. Resist the devil, and he will flee from you." {James 4:7} The Lord will give you boldness and strength; just submit and follow Him.

Reflections of Grace | Do you find that you made a difference in the lives of those strangers by spreading the Gospel? If so, how?

Miriam | Yes, I do. Even though everyone that we shared the Gospel with did not receive Christ as their Savior, we still planted seeds in their life. Sometimes the Lord has some plants seeds in a person's life, then others water the sends, and others reap. Later in their lives, another Christian may come in to their life, and then they may get saved. We do not know God's plan for each person, but we do know that we need to trust and obey Him!

Reflections of Grace | Do you have a message you would like to share in closing?

Miriam | Even though many of you cannot go on a mission trip, or do not have the opportunity to go, you can still be a missionary right where you are. One does not have to travel somewhere to share the gospel with others; you can do it right where you are! We all can do things like: handing out a tract to the cashier at the store, sharing the gospel with a friend, family member, or neighbor, and, just being a good testimony! Remember, others are always watching you! Are you representing Christ in everything that you do? Are you being faithful to not pass up an opportunity to say a word for the Lord?

"This I say then, walk in the Spirit, and ye shall not fulfil the lust of the flesh."
{Galatians 5:16}

Thank you so much, Johanna and Bethany, for giving me the opportunity to be interviewed! May the Lord bless you all as you strive to serve and honor the Lord with your lives!!!

3 Words of Grace:

Curlytop said...

Wow, the description Miriam gave of herself almost matches the way I would describe myself! :D

God bless!
-Serving Him

Grace said...

aw, dear Miriam, 'twas so delightful to read your interview!

love always,

Martha Joy said...

Dear Miss Miriam,

I wanted to write and thank you so much for the encouragement that you shared with us! Not many people {especially young ladies} will stick up for what's right, and seek the Lord first in their lives.
Your description of yourself seems to be very simular to how I would describe myself, and we even only live one state away! ;)
As I read your interview, I realized that this is on the same wave link as what I have been thinking/studying on lately, and my family and I just were talking on basically the same subject just this morning! We have been reading Hebrews, and my brother gave us a "study" today {mostly} on verses 12-14 of chapter 5 and verses 1-3 of chapter 6. And we were talking about how we could reach out to others in the world. I want to thank you again for such an amazing piece of encouragement! Keep pressing on, dear sister, toward the everlasting prize...eternal life with our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ! {Philippians 3:14} May the Lord bless you and your family beyond measure!
Love in Jesus,
Martha Joy

P.S. Thank you for sharing, Bethany and Johanna! I really like y'all's ministry. :)