Monday, January 2, 2012

yes, my heart welcomes thee. {re-post}

|{yesterday, the Lord put a message upon my heart to share with my sweet readers from An Old-Fashioned Girl. Today, I feel led to share that same message with my readers here at Reflections of Grace. May my words bless you and inspire you as we begin this new year together. abundant blessings -- Johanna}|

although the clock told of how the new year was near at hand, in my heart I wasn't able to come to the realization that 2011 was coming to an end. moments that were once part of my future, soared into a past, each one spent in the reminiscence of countless memories, cascading down from the depths of my soul. at that moment, my heart would seemingly burst with an amalgam of both joy and sorrow.

it would seem that a myriad of colors, sounds, voices, hopes and dreams would be tucked deep below the covers of a passing year, never to be revisited again. how I longed to hold on to the present for one moment longer. yet the ticking of the clock seemed to tell of a haste which had no intention of being slowed nor paused. twelve chimes ascended swiftly yet surely. 

a new year had begun.

it is said that when an end takes place, a beginning has just been invoked. and I can't help but feel a tinge of alacrity creep up when I ponder what might be around the corner. the sorrow within my heart is pushed aside by the arrival of a joyous anticipation. what new colors, sounds, voices, hopes and dreams will life generate? 

although the future is unknown and completely void of certainty in nearly every facet of life, there is yet one pinnacle on which I stand. a faith in which I immerse myself daily. a hope that gives me the courage to look at future in a new light. a Savior who knows me from the void of my heart to the resurrection of my soul.

I don't know what the future holds. yet, I know Who holds the future. and in that, I place my heartfelt trust and confidence. in this I have certainty, even when there seems to be none. 

in closing, I must pen here what I intended to write at the beginning of this entry. to the new year; yes, my heart welcomes thee. I feel you will bring much. and I look forward to watching and being a part of what will take place within this next chapter of my life. it is always exciting to turn the page in a story, and I feel as if I have come to a turning point in my own. I do wonder what shall happen... 

may this year be filled with the beautiful presence of everlasting love from above.

-- Johanna Rose
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