Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Greetings Daughters of the King....

One beautiful afternoon, an idea was born. Inspiration was given. And the Lord began to work within the lives of two dear friends. 
Since the summer of 2008, Hearts for God magazine has been a full  ministry, one of which has been a huge part of so many lives. Especially that of the editor's, Bethany Ann. It all started when she felt the Lord leading her to create a ministry that would reach out to the ladies of today, and encourage them to find joy in Jesus once again. Bethany's main goal was to encourage girls in their Christian walk, and inspire them to be strong pillars of strength in their father's home, according to Psalms 144:12.
Through publishing Hearts for God, Bethany not only grew closer to her Savior, but helped others grow closer as well. The Lord was using her in special ways, and although she didn't know it at times, she was making a huge difference in the lives of others. 
One young woman, who felt especially blessed upon receiving a sample of Hearts for God magazine, was Johanna Rose. Upon reading the first article, she thought she had found a magazine, which had the encouragement, and edification that she longed for...... 

While Johanna didn't have a full ministry, she too, longed to serve the Lord through her writing. So, in December of 2008, she started An Old-Fashioned Girl. Once she started blogging, she was amazed at all of the doors that the Lord opened up for her! Through blogging, she found so much joy, but the biggest gain for her was getting to know her Savior better. She could not only draw closer to Him through her writing, but she felt blessed when she saw that she had inspired others to do the same. Being able to share encouraging and inspiring words there, gave her the joy of knowing that she was serving her Savior.
Both Bethany and Johanna had a vision – A vision of inspiring other young woman to delight in Jesus Christ.
In autumn of 2010, the Lord brought both of these young woman together, and blessed them with a beautiful friendship. There is something so special about the friendship between Johanna and Bethany….
They both agree -- that is because it is centered around Christ.


Now, as we both look back upon our friendship, we both can clearly see that our meeting each other was no mistake. The Lord brought us together for a purpose, and we strongly believe that our purpose was, and always will be, to ultimately glorify Him in all that we say and do. We both had the burning in our hearts to serve Him through encouraging others, and we are amazed to see how the Lord is now using us to bring others closer to Him.
While speaking over the phone one day, we both came to the conclusion that the Lord was asking us to give up Hearts for God magazine, and start a new ministry, where even more girls would be able to have access to uplifting materials. While publishing Hearts for God magazine, we were able to reach out to many young woman, but even so, we saw that so many more girls wanted to subscribe, but, at the time, were unable to pay for a subscription. We realized that young woman were starving for encouragement, strength, and edification. And we both agreed that the only way to reach out to these girls, unreservedly, was to start new ministry.....
We now want to welcome you to Royal Daughters of the King Ministries!
Our purpose here is to not only encourage young ladies in the Lord, but inspire them to delight in the Lord!

Royal Daughters of the King Ministries is a website that is truly designed for all beloved Daughters of King Jesus. Here, as we fellowship together, our ultimate aim is to glorify God, and bring His Daughter's closer to Him. While we will be posting weekly articles, which we pray will deepen your longing for Jesus, we will also be sharing with you: feminine and fun craft tutorials, delicious recipes, worthy book reviews, inspiring interviews, royal council (questions and answers), as well as a monthly giveaway.....
But throughout everything that is posted here, our hope is that you would be refreshed. We know that living for Jesus in this culture is not easy. But we also know, that once you lay your life at His feet, you will be filled with an everlasting joy, and an inexpressible peace. Let us strive for Him together, dear sisters, and retain our place as Royal Daughters of the King!
In the precious name of Jesus Christ,
~Johanna Rose & Bethany Ann~

7 Words of Grace:

Alison said...

Precious Idea,Girls! Beautiful blog for royal princesses! God Bless!

Angele said...

I realiy like this idea!

Bekah said...

I like this idea too! ;) And the site looks great! But I am sure you (Beth) and I will be emailing more about it... :)

Grace said...

I advertised your ministry for you, in my garden at:

How wonderful it is to see you both produce such a lovely, encouraging website! I look forward to see what you have in store.

Much Love,
The Keeper of the Garden @

JoyfulJewels4Jesus said...

Beautiful, Bethany and Johanna! Although I am saddened to see HFG come to a close, I see that you were seeking the Lord in this decision and the ministry looks wonderful and encouraging. The monthly program was helpful and I look forward to your upcoming posts! Blessings, dear sisters in Christ! What a lovely website for daughters of the King.


Rachel Grace said...

Bethany and Johanna,
What a lovely, encouraging website. I am so happy to see the work of the Lord in both of your lives, and how He is using your skills to bless others in the blogging world. I look forward to coming to this delightful site more often!
In Christ,
Rachel Grace

Madeline said...

What a wonderful introduction! Your blog sounds very similar to the website and My friend and I write here:
I would love it if you checked it out!