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Book Reviews

The Family Daughter
Becoming Pillars of Strength in our Father's House
by Sarah L. Bryant {Review by Bethany Ann}

Book Description: {On the back of the book} Sharing from her own struggles and triumphs, homeschooler Sarah Bryant encourages young ladies to become vital cornerstones in their father's home, while preparing for godly womanhood. Filled with encouragement and personal testimonies, The Family Daughter will help Christian girls begin the journey of being their family's pillar of strength and virtue.

I just finished reading this book for the second time in one year! I have been blessed to personally know Miss Bryant and have been very blessed by her book The Family Daughter. Sarah is such a humble writer and The Family Daughter is the book for you if you are seeking encouragement as you are striving to be a pillar of strength in your parents home! No matter how many times I read this book, I am always convicted of something I need to work on!

Sarah sincerely encourages young ladies to use their years of singleness and the years in daughters' father's home to be a humble servant to her family and to grow in their faith. She writes on the importance of topics such as humility, modesty, devoting time to spend with the Lord, the importance of being a strong, Godly example of womanhood and daughter-hood to others, the importance of being close to siblings and encouraging them in the Lord, witnessing, and much more! Full of personal stories from Sarah's life and lessons she has learned you are sure to be encouraged and uplifted by the encouragement she gives throughout this book! I would recommend this book to any daughter! It is excellent for all age groups and could even be used in a Bible study with a friend or two or a sister!

One thing I really like about The Family Daughter is how their is a testimony of another "Family Daughter" at the end of each chapter as well as recommended resources for audio's and books! The Family Daughter is such a wonderful resource and a must-read for all girls seeking this path as we journey heavenward! If you haven't already read this inspiration book then you should-I promise you that you will be eternally blessed by the inspiration and encouragement shared within it's pages! This book is on of my list of my top 5 most favorite books!

The Family Daughter Chapters:
Preface: As Cornerstones
1) An Abundant Season
2) In My Father’s House
3) Our Parents’ Joy
4) The Family Sister
5) Pillars of Strength
6) A Humble Maidservant
7) The Spotless Maiden
8) The Appointed Time
9) Reflecting The Light
10) Bouquet of Beauty

Click HERE to purchase your own copy of The Family Daughter or click HERE to read an excerpt!

Feminine by Design:
The Twelve Pillars of Biblical Womanhood
by Scott T. Brown {Review by Johanna Rose}

In 'Feminine by Design', the Author puts into words, such a refreshing vision on biblical womanhood; I could tell from the first sentence on, that this book would be filled with inspiration. Each and every word is tailored with Truth, and is in direct accordance with the bible throughout each topic. The Author starts off by saying~
“The Bible not only teaches woman to be possessors of gentle and quiet spirits, it also teaches them to exercise their God given wisdom and strength. They are vigorous and strong and distinctively feminine…
… They are “pillars sculptured in palace style” with adornments that radiate the beauty of Christ and diffuse the fragrance of the aroma of Christ in every place.
This book contains the stuff that makes women like this.”
Upon finishing, I certainly agreed.
Aimed at young women in their teens, this book gives a wonderful vision of how beautiful the occupation of being a wife, mother and homemaker is. He clearly explains how- “The world needs Christ loving, husband helping, home making, dominion taking, kingdom making women.” – And as you read the book, each and every word inspires you to become such a woman.
In a culture where girls in their teens are endlessly pressured by the world to become independent, it is so, extremely important that we keep the vision of biblical womanhood alive within our hearts, and uncompromised.
‘Feminine by Design’ covers many of the topics and questions that young woman face today, including~
·        The great impact women have in their homes.
·        The different rolls between men and woman.
·        Becoming a shining example for Jesus Christ.
·        The importance of giving your time as service to others.
·        The importance of demonstrating your unfading beauty.
·        The beauty of becoming a help-meet.
·        Why it is important to prepare now for the work we have in the future.
·        The importance of a submissive spirit.
·        The beauty of being a homemaker.
·        Why it is important to be “fruitful and multiply”.
·        How wonderful it is to be the teacher of the next generation.
Each and every one of ‘the twelve pillars’ within ‘Feminine by Design’ left me inspired and encouraged, as it contained uplifting words on how beautiful our femininity really is, and why it is so important to be the woman the Lord wants us to be.
I have read many different books on the topic of femininity, but this one would have to remain one of my very favorites! I would absolutely recommend 'Feminine by Design' to all young woman who are striving to preserve their femininity. I would encourage you to purchase it from Vision Forum. It is a book well worth the money, and will leave you refreshed, and inspired to be the feminine young woman the Lord created you to be.

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Thank you, ladies, for the wonderful book reviews!! I have already read Feminine by Design and I would love to read A Family Daughter soon too! =)

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How lovely! Thank you so much for the reviews!

I really want to obtain a copy of the "Family Daughter," by dear Miss Sarah Bryant.

Many Blessings to you both,
P.S. Bethany, I shall be sending your letter to-day. I am SO sorry for the delay!

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