Monday, June 27, 2011

Simple Loveliness

{Written by Johanna Rose}

One of my favorite pass-times would be sitting down, and enjoying a lovely cup of hot tea in the morning, while preforming my devotions..... *sigh* Ah, everything about it is simply lovely. The beautiful aroma that graces the air as I spoon the tea leaves into the little bag. My heart is warmed as I watch the hot water steep to darker shades of flavor. And finally, once I put a dab of cream, and a pinch of sugar in.... *smile* I find myself savoring each and every little sip!

And, although there are many ways to take tea, I absolutely must have mine in a tea cup. Yes, tis true :: to me, tea isn't tea, without the delicacy of a tea cup to compliment it. It just doesn't taste the same.....


One afternoon, I set the water to a boil, and while I waited for the 'whistle', I glanced over at our tea-cup cabinet, wondering which one I would choose to drink from.

I have always been so blessed to have a nice variety to choose from, but for some reason, I always seemed to either choose dear little Rosamund, or Victoria. (Yes, we name our teacups. *smile*)

Rosamund is a lovely wide-rimmed tea cup, crowned with a rim of gold. She is made lovely with beautiful, delicate pink roses – some are buds, others are full bloom. Each petal is shaded with just the right amount of pink, and is without blemish. And, while there are quite a few roses, there are not so many as to make the tea-cup too overbearing. I find it simple, but elegant.

Victoria is also a nice little wide-rimmed tea cup, who is also crowned with a rim of gold. She has neither flower, nor ornament to grace her little figure.... But she has something even more special. For, when you pour tea into this little vessel, a beautiful heart is formed within. It is simply lovely to behold. And like Rosamund, I find Victoria to be simple, but very elegant.

I often ponder why these two teacups appeal to me so much. But, I have come to the conclusion that it is because they both really can represent the kind of young woman that I desire to be.


All of these above attributes, to me, make a truly beautiful woman. Something that I believe is lost in our society today is purity and innocent. I believe that every girl is born with it, but too often it is thrown away, and replaced with what the world has to offer. So many times, I encounter young woman who have done exactly this. They starve themselves, so that they may look like the magazine models. They cake their faces in so much make up, that, if you saw them without it, you wouldn't recognize them. They wear clothing which will attract eyes to certain body-parts, in the hopes that they will find the attention that they are seeking. They have an attitude that is completely focused on self.....

Contrast this with the lovely little tea cups --

Each one of these teacups has something in common :: they have a look or purity. They are simple, but lovely. They are quite, but at the same time have a strong character about them. They both are graced with a beautiful attribute, which is neither overbearing, nor too glamorous. And they both are marked with a lovely golden band.

These are the markings a true woman of God.

While I have encountered many worldly woman, I have also had the joy of finding several woman of God. While they may appear more simple, and innocent in their appearance, I find them to be even more lovely -- Because they show that within, is a pure heart. They are neither loud, nor boisterous in their speech or actions, but rather, they show discretion in their manner and tone. And, while they don't voice their opinions, and push them in the face of others, they have firm beliefs in the truth, and will defend those beliefs ardently.

And, last of all, that something which truly will mark a woman of God, is -- The crown of gold. In every truly beautiful young woman, you will always see the crown of Jesus upon their heads. You can see clearly that every action and word is devoted to Him. And you can see a joy that is inexpressible in their eyes. When you encounter such a woman, you are inspired to live more for Jesus, and become closer to Him. And you desire, more then anything, to be such a woman yourself.....

This, dear ladies, is my desire. I wish to become like those teacups. For, to me, they are a picture of pure loveliness. Not that kind of beauty that the world cherishes, but the kind of beauty that Jesus Christ cherishes. That simple loveliness, which marks a true daughter of the King.

2 Words of Grace:

Grace said...

What a lovely post, Miss Johanna and so true. It makes my heart ache to think how many young women are so lost and do not know that they have a Heavenly Father who loves them more than anything.

Love always,

Anonymous said...

Miss Johanna,
Thank you so much! I have been learning alot about what pure means, and this has added another thing to my list of how to be pure. May the Lord bless you.
In Him Alone,
Emily J.