Monday, June 13, 2011

Daughters :: Fashioned for a Palace

{Written by Johanna Rose}

I am sure all of us would agree that it is impossible to choose just one favorite verse, for I believe there is truly a treasure to be found in nearly each and every one.

But I must say, that often times, when I am asked what my favorite passage is, I often resort to Psalm 144:12. The beauty portrayed in that verse will never grown old to me. It holds such a powerful meaning, one that never fails in re-inspiring me to be the daughter the the Lord created me to be. Not only does it hold that poetic beauty that nearly all the Psalms possess, but it also, and more importantly, holds a depth of meaning which I think we, as young women, should study attentively.

First, lets look at the key-words used in this passage—

~ Daughters 
~ Pillars 
~ Fashioned 
~ Palace

When studying this verse a few days ago, I asked myself :: What makes this verse so impactful?? What makes it sound with such a beautiful and true ring? And it was then, when I realized something that I had never before taken note of, and that was; how very important descriptive writing is. We can clearly see that the Author of this Psalm had a special message to share, and he used words that relayed precisely what he wanted his readers to perceive. Notice he didn't use:: Woman rather then daughter, or stone rather then pillar, or made rather then fashioned, or house rather then palace. No, the author used the words he did for a specific reason..... Lets take a closer look at each one —
The first word we see here, is daughters. Now, at first look you may find that there is nothing ultra special in the use of this word. I confess, I didn't either, at first. But upon a more attentive study, I saw that here too, there was a purpose in using this word rather then any other. If we look it up, one definition sums it up as—

Definition :: Female Child

And it was then, when I had found this brief, two word definition, that I discovered why the author chose this word. The word daughter not only shows that this verse was meant for young ladies, but also, and more importantly, shows that it was written for those young ladies who are daughters, still living in their Father's house.

When I realize the importance of this one word, I am inspired. I have encountered so many young woman who are restless to be gone from their homes and 'start' their lives. So many young woman are wasting away their years of daughter-hood by daydreaming about their futures :: wondering when their prince charming will arrive, how many children they will have, where they will live, what it will be like to have a home of their own, etc, etc.... *sigh* Although I am sure each and every one of us have a place in our hearts for these desires, I believe that too much time dwelling on the future gives us little opportunity to prepare for it. When we become so rapped up in our longings for what lies ahead, we miss out on all the wonderful opportunities that the Lord sets before us during our single years, as daughters. We must realize that, while the Lord may be calling us to be wives and mothers someday, we must accomplish the tasks at hand, and the duties He has laid before us at present. One of which would be :: to become the daughter the the Lord designed us to be — one that is constant, and true. one that is willing to sacrifice and give her life for others. One that will be a joy to her siblings, a help to her mother, and an everlasting support to her father.....

This leads me to the next key-word — 'Pillar'. And what a beautifully descriptive word this one is. — Back in the time when this Psalm was written, pillars were not only used to add beauty to the home, but more importantly, they were used to support the home. They supported the entire structure, which, without the pillars, would fall to the ground.

I love how the the author compared daughters to pillars at this point in the verse. Just as pillars, in their time were used for decorum purposes as well as sustenance, so are we, as daughters, designed for similar reasons. — I have encountered many times, a home where their are lovely, faithful daughters serving therein. Not only do these homes posses a certain feminine elegance and charm, but you can detect a since of perfect harmony working between the family members. Something that I think is often underestimated by young woman of today, is the impact that our attitudes have on our home, and its occupants. Often times, we don't even realize the influence we have on making a house a home. Think about it :: If every single one of our actions, thoughts, choices and words were chosen to reflect the One Above, would life be different? I can, without a doubt, say yes. Ladies, we must understand this concept. Our role as a daughter is a gift from the Lord. We can build up our houses, and give them the support that they require to function, or, we can tear them down with our own hands {Proverbs 14:1}. But only we, as daughters, can choose which. Only we have the ability to act upon our calling. This is why it is so important that we understand the role we have, as daughters in our Fathers household, so that we may act upon our gift from the Lord with a desire to become the daughter he created us to be.

This would take me to the last two words — fashioned and palace. And it is these last two words which will take us the the root-meaning of the verse....

Ladies, each and every one of us was created specifically for the role of a daughter. Not only were we fashioned for such a purpose, but we are expected to perfect those skills to such complete excellence that we may be worthy of sustaining a palace!
So, my dear Sister, do you, too, share the same love that I have for this verse? I hope so — so very much. But I not only hope that you have learned to love it, but now have a desire to act by it as well.....
But the question which remains now, is :: How? And sadly, I see so many young woman put off their role as a daughter, because they simply don't know how to answer that question. They treat it like a riddle —believing that the answer will be so complicated, when really, it is so very simple.

First, we must realize that becoming a pillar of support isn't a short-term task that, once it is accomplished, is finished. Far from it. Just as a being a princess, and supporting the role of a princess is a life long task, so it is with being the daughter of the Most High King. If we truly desire to be the young woman that the Lord fashioned us to be, then we must first understand that :: all we do is for His glory. {Mathew 5:16} If we are truly doing something so we may further the kingdom, we mustn't always expect praise and glory from those arround us. We must only desire a reward from above.

Second, we mustn't think that being a pillar of sustenance in our homes means doing something miraculous. Many times, I have fallen into the mindset of thinking that in order to become a worthy daughter, I must do something life-changing for my family. — In a way I am right, but not in the way of which I was thinking.
Dear Sisters, consider the every day duties that we, as daughters, come across —
  • Folding laundry
  • Washing dishes
  • Making 'little brother' breakfast.
  • Cleaning our rooms.
  • Helping Daddy with office work.
  • Helping younger siblings with school-work.
  • Filling the home with music.
  • Putting together scrumptious meals.
  • Doing various chores for Mother.
  • _______________________ {put yours there.}
Each one of the things in the list above do not look like they would be of much consequence. But ladies, realize this :: If we took on each of these above tasks {and more} and preformed them to the Glory of God, I promise you it will be life changing!! We need to change the mindset of thinking they 'don't matter', because they truly do! All of these 'little' things will make up the majority of our lives, and they way they are accomplished will have a huge impact on our lives as well. In Luke 16:10 it talks about how we need to first be faithful in preforming the little duties, before we can be trusted with more tremendous ones. It emphasizes the importance of little tasks, by explaining that if we are not faithful in those little duties, how can we be trusted with the greater ones?
My dear Sisters, I deeply encourage you to become the daughter the Lord has called you to be. I can't say it will be easy. But I can say, with all my heart, that being used as a tool in the hands of the Lord is the most wonderful occupation I have ever experienced.

Let us strive together to become a daughter worthy of a palace! In the hope that someday, the Lord will say to us —

 'Well done, good and faithful servant;
you were faithful over a few things,
I will make you ruler over many things.
Enter into the joy of your Lord.' 

{Mathew  25:21}

4 Words of Grace:

Miriam said...

Thank you, Miss Johanna for writing such a challenging and thought-provoking post! For a time, I too thought that I had to do something amazing in our household. But now I realize that the little things, done to the glory of Christ can be amazing and very helpful too!!!
Keep up the good work on this blog!!
Sisters In Christ,

Grace said...

What a wonderful post! Truly touching and inspiring!:) 'T is my goal...starting to-day, right here, and what a blessing to see that others are committing to this as well.

Blessings, dearest!
Much love,

Lindsey Marie said...


I've so enjoyed this new blog of you and Bethany's... I find myself coming back to read the new articles several times and I'm going to print a few out later.

My highest goal in life is to be like my King and this blog is helping me to do it. Your work is not in vain, ladies!! Keep striving to honor Him and many lives will be touched. Someday, he will tell *you* "Well done, precious daughter." Won't that be wonderful to hear? :)


Rachel Grace said...

Oh the joy of being a daughter, a sibling, a servant, and a daughter of the Lord Jesus! Your article was so encouraging, and refreshing. Thank you!
Rachel Grace