Friday, June 24, 2011

Rick Rack Rosettes :: Craft Tutorial

{Taken from The Crafting Chicks}

Crafting Level -- Very Easy

Needed Materials:
  • 1 Package of Medium Rick Rack
  • Same color Felt (optional)


1. First, cut two, 10"-long strips of  rick rack.

2. Then twist the two pieces of rick rack together. {shown above}

3. Then run a stitch down one side to hold it all together.

4. To make the flower, you just start from one end and roll it up. Add small dots of hot glue, just to keep it all together.

5. Keep rolling until you have this– {above} -and then tuck the little tail under and hot glue it down. You can also glue a small circle of felt or fleece on the back, just to finish it off.

To make your flower wearable glue it on a ring blank, a necklace, or on clips for little girl’s hair. Can you think of other fun places to put these rosettes?

You’ll notice all of the petals are closed, so to open them up you just peel them back one by one. Until it looks like a flower. And you are done!

I had such a delightful time making the little rosettes a few weeks ago. They are so very simple, but turn out so very beautiful. I am sure you will have fun creating them as well!
~Johanna Rose~